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Remembering by Calanor
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Author:: [info]calanor
Title:: Remembering
Rating:: G
Pairing:: Severus/Harry
Summary:: Harry's remembers on a cold snowy day......It's sad.. so Hankie alert..
Disclaimer:: They belong to JK...


"Do you remember when I first kissed you, Love? Oh my, you were so angry and upset with me for that. But I couldn't resist anymore. You were so tempting to me. I miss those moments with you. I miss laying next to you in our bed. I miss making love with you. I miss everything. I feel so alone in this world without you. Only you completed my soul. Made me feel like living when the whole world was going crazy."

The man reached out and touched the cold stone before him, tracing the dates etched into the marble so long ago.

"Severus Kastos Potter-Snape. January 9,1960 - September 28,1999. Lover, Warrior and most of all a Father. To the next great adventure."

Harry stood up, brushed the snow away from the headstone and placed red roses at the base, ""Happy Birthday Severus. I will always love you," he said as he stood up and walked away.

"And I love you My Brat," was whispered on the cold wind.

Harry smiled and continued walking.


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