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A Game Of Chance by sadsally
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Author's Notes:

Harry potter does not belong to me

Part One

I glared across the table; Potter glared right back. Next to him, Weasley picked up the dice and rolls, “Nine! Bloody hell, Harry! I landed you right on Snape’s best property,” Weasley whined. I look back at Potter as he snuck out a thin boney white hand out of his thick blanket to snatch up the dice; he gives me another glare, interrupted with a fit of coughing. Secretly, the young mans state frightened me. He destroyed Voldemort just a month ago but at the price at his own health. Poppy was at a loss as to how to cure him. He wasn’t dying; but just looking at him made it clear that something was wrong.

McGonagall was sitting next to me. I saw her frown from the corner of my eye. I looked at my property card, trying to push Potter’s poor health out of my mind. “With a hotel on Boardwalk that comes to a grand total of 2000 play notes. Pay up, Potter,” I demand snidely. I had to admit, I rather enjoyed the game Monopoly. A Game Of Chance it said on the box. Why not? Everything else had been one. I sent my best smirk across the table. I knew potter didn’t even have half of the money needed. He was going to lose for once.

“You know I don’t have the money, Snape,” Potter spoke with all the strength he had embodied just a month ago.

“Professor Snape, Harry,” McGonagall and Granger chimed at the exact moment.

It made Potter smile, a big gorgeous smile, which could easily beckon men to their deaths. I fought my hardest not to be one of those men, not to show him that it affects me. “Are you asking for another roll, Potter? Don’t think your fame will get anything out of me,” I hissed at him. It was true. No matter if he did save my life and free me from the Dark Lord’s hand, he wouldn’t be getting any handouts from me.

“Harry will suck your cock if you let him roll again” Weasley almost yelled out. Now that was an interesting offer.

“Ron,” Granger shrieked. I said nothing at the moment for I was honestly thinking the offer over. Minerva was still stunned, as well as Potter. I’d be damned if I didn’t see pure arousal flash across his face if only for a moment. ‘And many times before, don’t forget that Severus,’ my inner voice taunted. Crimson swept across Potter’s cheeks, making his bone white skin look alive for the first time in weeks.

“Mr. Weasley ten points from Gryffindor, for for for, what you just suggested,” Minerva spits out rather flustered and horrified.

“Oh come on, Professor! Harry’s of age and it’s not like Snape is one of his professors any more. You know we’re no longer students”, Weasley fussed. Minerva didn’t answer but simply left the table. Granger appeared to be still in a great state of shock.

Potter started to awaken from the daze as he landed a punch on Weasley’s arm. “You’re deranged, bewitched, and crazy as a mad hatter,” Potter would have continued, but Weasley interrupted.

“We can’t lose to him, Harry! No way! Take one for the team mate,” Weasley teased a bit. I found it interesting that Potter hadn’t refused out right.

“What do you mean ‘we’, Ron? I’m the one playing him”, Potter hissed back.

“But I’m the one rolling for you,” Weasley answered.

Potter had the unmistakable look of murder in his eyes. Oh, Merlin! To my exquisite torture, Potter licked his full pink lips. It would be bliss to have those lips around my cock. “I accept the offer; now take your second roll,” I growled out. What can I say? It was hard not to fall desperately in love with Harry Potter. I was pretty sure he wanted me as much as I wanted him. Why he does I can’t understand for the life of me. I was an old, mean, and ugly beyond all mention man. I have never pretended to have been civil to him or his friends. Yet, there was that look again; and now I was certain it was a good chance to take.

Potter just stared at me, all signs of his blush gone. His eyes were wide. I had stunned the poor young man again. Slowly his hand moved over the board as he put his piece back where it had been before and rolled. This time he managed a saving grace of 12. Suddenly, I was as hard as a rock. All I could think about was kissing Potter senseless. Potter said almost nothing the rest of the game, but he had taken over rolling and moving his piece. Weasley didn’t seem too broken up over it.

For two hours we played this way, and by Merlin, Potter won. Potter didn’t just beat me; he destroyed me. ‘How does he do it? How does he manage to always come out the victor?’ I complain silently. I hated him all over again, but I was weak and I loved him again almost instantly. I was truly doomed. A quick blowjob wouldn’t even breach the surface of the pleasures I dreamt to share with Potter. Yes, he was the death of me and I welcomed him with open arms. I prayed that he would do the same to me. Rape though, had never interested me. Potter stood slowly and painfully. I heard his joints pop faintly. Again I was forced back to the horrible fact that my secret love was wasting away in the front of my very eyes no matter what Poppy claimed.

Potter extended his hand to me, something he’d never done before. I took his thin hand in mine, frightened by how cold it is. His grip was strong as it matched mine. I thought for a moment that his thumb caressed me; most likely because he was shivering: either from the cold he only seemed to feel or from the disgust of touching me. And now I was not sure if I had been seeing desire in his eyes. It could have been easily something I had forced my self to see. After nightly dreams of Potter confessing his all consuming love for me, how could I not see it in his eyes? Yes, that explained every thing. Potter had no interest in me, no desire or love for me. And now I wished Potter had let the Dark Lord kill me.
My hand dropped, as Granger pulled Harry away from me to save him from the Horrible Potions Master. I didn’t think so Ms. Granger. “Mr. Potter if you will follow me,” I said standing up.

Potter went to move out of Granger’s grasp but she would have none of it. “Hermione, you really think that’s going to happen? I will be spending the whole night cleaning the stock room,” Potter told Granger to reassure her. I know he didn’t believe a word of it. Granger looked at me as Weasley started to pull her away. I found it odd that he wasn’t throwing a fit. Perhaps there was more behind this offer then I thought. At least I could hope. As Granger laughed, I felt a prickle of unease pass through me for I knew there was something I was defiantly not aware of.

“Harry it was silly of me to think such a thing,” she laughed consciously. She let go of Potter’s arm; he’s mine now, at least for a few precious moments. Potter turned to me and followed behind me silently to my living quarters in the dungeons. Harry stopped a few feet behind me giving me privacy to say my password; the consideration somewhat surprising but gratifying. I ushered him into my living space. He’s the first person to ever enter it save Albus. If it were up to me he would never leave. I watched him as he looks around curiously; he was always so curious. It’s one of the many reasons I loved him.

I sat on my old worn leather couch. I was at a loss now of what to do. I certainly couldn’t just take my cock out and ask him to suck it. Or could I? I realized that he’s been watching me. To my relief he doesn’t appear scared. He stood in front of the fire, for the warmth, no doubt watching me. He walked over to me, still watching me with those emerald eyes. I unbuttoned my slacks as he gets on his knees. Was this really happening? Potter rested his arms along my thighs. I leant back, thankful he’s taken over. He caressed my hardness with his cheek and nose, slowly easing it out of the material. I gasped when the first hint of his breath caress over the head and shaft.

Why, oh why was he teasing me this way? I had fully expected him to get right down to it. The quicker I cum the faster he can leave; but no he graced the head with a soft flick of his tongue, lapping away the pre cum. The quick sensation was too much for me to remain silent as I shouted out my pleasure. Potter seemed pleased with the reaction. He took me into the heat of his mouth. I cried out again as this time a tear slid down my cheek. Never had I felt anything like this before: with each bob and twist of his tongue I got closer to completion. I felt his hands move up my body as they fist and tangle themselves in my robes. He kneaded my chest much like a cat does. How did I never notice how feline this man was?

His eyes were shut as he moans; I want desperately for him to look at me so I know he knew it’s me he’s doing this to, not the phantom lover in his head. The lover I know must be there, because this beautiful demon named Harry Potter would never belong to me. I found the strength to stop him. His eyes were completely dark as he looked at me with unexplained rage. “You hate me,” I gasped as the words are torn from my throat.

His eyes soften as his bruised lips shake, “No.”

I did not hear him, “I disgust you,” I claimed. Again, he answered no. Now, I was confused. He sensed it as he pushes him self up. There were no painful pops of bone.

“You do not disgust me; I do not hate you, Professor,” he spoke softly.

‘Professor, that won’t do,’ I thought. “Severus, please Severus,” I replied gently.

Potter smiled, “Severus,” he purred.

He slid back down my body taking his previous poison. I stopped him again; this time he looked annoyed with me. He had every right to be; I was preventing him from joining his dream lover again. I could not stop my self; I must hear him say it. “Tell me you love me, Potter,” I said tenderly. It was not a demand; I begged him to say it.

He did not have to be told twice. “I love you. I love you, Severus. I love you so much,” he confessed. Again, he took me into his mouth, and I believed his words. He took all of me in just at once and I reached my climax with a cry. I could not control my body as I felt my fingers slide into his hair. He swallowed every last drop of me until I went limp. My eyes closed as I felt him get up; but he does not leave. I felt his weight on the other side of the couch.

It took me a minute to regain my voice. I knew I was still exposed, but I couldn’t find the sense to care. He shifted on the couch, his own erection visible through his slacks. I looked at him and he looked back at me. He said nothing as he got up; again no pop and snap of bone were heard. His skin looked flushed, still pale but not like before. He turned from me to the door. No, it cannot end this way. I lunged at him. He gasped as I pulled him against my chest. His skin was the sweetest to the tongue. I kissed his neck, his ear and he did not pull away. He was curious as to why I was doing this to him. “Give me the night Harry. Let me love you the way that only I can. No one else will love you like I do,” I whispered into his skin, but he had heard me. He turned in my arms.

“Other then my self you’re the only one that believes I’m dying,” his voice replied sadly. Why did he have to remind me?

“No, not any more. You look like you did before you finished him,” I pleaded. He had to know that I won’t let him die.

“It won’t last,” he said as he kissed me again and again. “Take me to your bedroom, Severus,” he ordered passionately.

I truly did believe at that moment and beyond that Harry Potter loved me. I would convince him that he must never leave me, for I would love him for the rest of our days. I removed his clothing as he removed mine. He told me he loves me again. I almost told him that he doesn’t have to say it anymore, but I couldn’t.

He lay on my bed; the bed I wanted him to share with me forever. I knew I would have to make do with tonight. I rested between his legs, kissing and tasting every inch of his cream tinted skin. Harry kissed his way down my jaw as he pauses to move my hair behind my ear. He continued kissing my neck and chest as he bit down at the juncture of shoulder and throat. He quickly soothed the abrasions with his tongue. I did the same to his flesh. In the days to come, I wanted him to see my mark on him. I wanted him to remember the love I gave him.

I was hard again and he begged me to take him. “Please, Severus. No more waiting. All we’ve done is waited,” he pleaded. In my state of mind I didn’t completely grasp what he was saying, only that he wanted me. He wrapped his legs around my waist and refused all attempts at proper preparation. “I don’t want to stop seeing your beautiful face Severus. Just go slowly. You won’t hurt me,” he implored me. I almost laughed. I almost believed I was beautiful. I nibbled his throat as I slowly applied more pressure at his entrance: forward and back, forward and back.

I didn’t break his gaze. There was no pain there: just trust, love. ‘Just love,’ I repeated silently. I did laugh this time. Harry Potter had driven me insane. I had to tell him, “You have turned me into a raving mad man, Harry. What do you say to that?”

I was up to the hilt now as I stop while he tried to adjust to my size. Potter laughed, kissing the mark he left on me. “As long as you’re my mad man, I don’t care. My beautiful, crazy darling,” he trailed off against my lips. He quickly entered them with his tongue as I fought to be in control. He let me win and I lay there, kissing him for hours listening to his soft words of love. He was ready for us to make love. No matter what tomorrow brought, tonight it would be love. I pulled out and he moaned at the loss. I pushed back in and he moaned again.

Slowly we rocked against each other as he kissed the sweat of my brow. “Do you really love me, Severus” he asked. He had trouble forming the words as he was so close to completion as was I.

“Oh, Merlin! Yes, Harry, until my dying day.” It was the truth; I could not lie to him. He did not reply as he gripped my hand or I may have gripped his. Harry’s climax was a beautiful sight as it hit him with such a force that he clung to me as he struggled to hold onto his breathing. He needed me for that moment. I could not go any longer as I spilled my self into him. My breath appeared ragged as he caressed my back. His hands were shaking. ‘My beautiful, crazy, darling, what a sight,’ I thought. I would always be his, only his. If only he would be mine forever. I still couldn’t believe that he will be mine.

I retrieved a wash cloth from the bathroom. A cleansing spell was far too impersonal. He closed his eyes as I clean him. I couldn’t keep my hands off his body; he was so beautiful. He was 18 years old and had the body to prove it. He let me pull him under the covers as he snuggled into my neck and he fits perfectly there. Quickly, he fell asleep. I was afraid to sleep: afraid that this was all a dream, afraid I would wake up and he wouldn’t be here with me. “My beautiful, crazy, darling,” I murmur gently. Saying it aloud made it real. I reminded myself that he said the three words to me. ‘How could he love you, Severus,’ the voice taunted. My own mind was against me. “I really am going crazy,” I smirked to myself in the darkness. Potter, Harry, no matter. His arm moved across my chest and I closed my eyes to sleep. Tomorrow would happen no matter what I do.

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