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Crucio by Jamiex
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By sixth year Harry's life had become a series of unfortunate events. Everything Harry loved had been torn from him and he knew anything left was at risk as well. He knew that Voldemort was going to take everything from him and then take Harry's life. Harry knew he was going to die, and he was going to have to let it happen. Simply put, Harry wasn't feeling so hot, in fact Harry was depressed. Most of the time he just wanted to be alone, and cry. Even sitting alone and doing homework was better than having to look around at the little he have left and remember it was only a matter of time before it was all gone. The problem was that Harry could not seem to find a place to silently do his homework and cry. The Gryffindor common room was filled with friends, and generally just people who would probably gossip if he suddenly burst into tears in the middle of writing an essay (which sadly had a good chance of happening). He could hear them in his head even thinking about it "the great Harry Potter crying over an essay". Then there was the same problem in the library, though it was quite there were still students all around. Then the room of requirement, it seemes perfect. Harry tried a few times before he realized that many students who had heard about it were using it as a place to snog, and go further. Given Harry's embarrassing lack of experience on this premis, the very idea made him wish to never go back. So Harry settled for wandering the halls in his invisibility cloak when ever he felt particularly like bursting into tears.
One night Harry found himself quietly crying and walking through the dungeons, which could quite soothing when one was breaking down. It was quiet and cold, and it looked as if no one was ever there. In fact the dungeons were so large that although both potions classes, and the Slytherin common room resided in them, the majority had no one in them. Harry would look at the Mauraders map, and he had never seen anyone go into one corridor. He was, this very night, trying to find this corridor where he could sit alone and cry in the cold silent darkness of the dungeons. He looked carefully on the map, and found his name in the seemingly forever empty corridor. He checked for anyone else nearby enough to hear him, and found no one. Relived, he shed his cloak and let himself fall against the stone wall. He cried for what seemed like hours before pulling himself together to finally get some long needed rest.

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