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Change by DarkScarlet53
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Author's Notes:
I own none of the characters from Harry Potter or anything of Harry Potter.Everything will be happy 'cause I want it to.Poetry'ish' and sonfic'ish'...I don't know how the streets are in London so yeah I just said 219 Baker Street.Also at first it wont seem like it's Snarry but all the info on Violet is necessary trust me!Hope you enjoy!!
It had been six years since Violet had seen this man,the one who lived in England on a little street called Spinners End.Of course she had kept in touch through floo calls and letters mainly letters because of their tight schedules and different time zones.Now she was at Spinners End heading to his home to say hello.She passed by the house she had once lived in,she shuddered and kept walking.She had live with those people and in that house because they thought they could get rid of her magic,both her Witch and Wingallow magic.They were now in muggle jail for kidnapping and child neglect.Her cousins,with their parents gone,had to stay with her and her uncles.They had lived for the past years in America but were now back in England.The fifteen year old started to reminisce as she made her way,to that little cozy house,the one she was allowed to call home,the one she came to love to be in when she was younger.While her thoughts were of the past that little house came into view and she smiled a smile that hadn't adorned her features in a long time.She made her way to the front door,knocked and waited.......She heard footsteps and heard the door handle turn.The man who opened the door looked nothing like the man she once met when she was nine.He wore black trousers,a dark green shirt and a silver vest.His long hair was tied back with a silver ribbon.She felt confused and scared that he didn't lived there anymore and in her fright she forgot that he had mentioned in his letters his physical change.

The man had seen the confusion and fright that crossed the features of the young teen and smiled....When she saw that smile she knew it was him so she hugged him and he hugged back.When she pulled away she said,"When you said you had physically changed,you weren't kidding!"That earned her a laugh which in turn made her laugh and he beckoned her in.

"Sit Violet,you know this will always be your home."he said in a soft voice.

"Thank you....It just seems so unreal to be back here with you,talking and just being here."she replied while looking around.

He was taken aback with the sincerity and softness in her voice but he understood well because for him it had felt just like that.He thought he would never see her again or at least it would be more time before he saw her again but now that child whom came to be like a daughter to him was here but he didn't know for how long...He erased those sad thoughts from his mind and said,"I know you said that you would come to visit but I didn't think you would come this soon,how long are you staying?"

To this he heard a laugh which made him raise an eyebrow.

"I'm not leaving again,my uncle has founded a small muggle company here in London and we'll be living in 219 Baker street."she said with such a calm and relaxed smiled.He couldn't say anything his throat was dry from the happiness so he just hugged her and all words died when she hugged him back.Everything of importance was said with that one hug.

The morning past by with them talking about what had happened to them in the past years.They laughed and joked until she said,"Ok..I just remembered something...."He made a questioning look and she continued,"Well now I know about magic and have been studying in America and I got my Hogwarts letter 3 days ago with the list of the books and things I will need but I also forgot that you teach at Hogwarts!"she finished with excitement clear in her voice.

It took him a few minutes to process everything until it finally clicked.She would not leave,she would attend Hogwarts and it was only three days before term started!!!

"Have you gotten all your things?"he asked

"Uhh...nope,my uncles have to busy with everything else they said that tomorrow we would go to Diagon alley but I somehow doubt that they'll accompany me,they have waaaaaaay to much on their plate.I mean you should see them when they come home,they look like the living dead!"

"Then who will you go with?"

"I'll go alone.I'm used to it and I'm not a child anymore I'm fifteen."

That answer did not satisfy him and he said,"I'll go with you"seeing the incredulous look on her face he added,"I also need to get things from Diagon alley and I know the place better than you so you will be able to find things faster."

"Thanks Sev!!!I can't wait to see Diagon alley!"she replied.It wasn't that she hadn't want him to go but she was so used to being on her own.Her new family treated her well and she knew they loved her but she hadn't been able to form a bond with them not like the one she had with Sev but she also hated being treated like a child,so knowing that he had things to in Diagon alley was great!

The rest of the day was spent on eating a home cooked meal by Severus and catching up until the clock chimed eight o'clock and Violet's uncle called the floo and appeared through the fireplace.

The man who stepped through was a tall well built middle age man with light brown hair and blue eyes."Hello my name is Jack O'Neil,I'm Violets uncle."

"Pleasure to meet you Mr.O'Neil I am Severus Snape."replied a silky voice.

Wow.Jack had never seen such a handsome man.He was doing things to his body that should not be happening now.

"Oh please call me Jack,Mr.O'Neil makes me feel old."replied Jack.

"But you are old."said Violet.

"Yeah but not that old!"He said with a shaky laugh and cleared his throat looking elsewhere.When he looked up he saw a smile decorate the other mans' features.Severus was happy that Violet had ended up with people that she could joke with and they would not get mad.

"If I call you Jack then you must call me Severus."


"Well Severus we must be going."

"Uncle Jack,Will you be going tomorrow with me to Diagon alley to pick up my stuff for school?"asked Violet.

To that Jack looked ashamed and said,"I honestly forgot Violet and I'm so sorry."He didn't make excuses which was something Violet loved about her uncle.

"Jack I'm a teacher at Hogwarts and I need to go to Diagon alley to get many things before the school year starts,I would be willing to take her along with me tomorrow."Severus said before Violet could utter a word.

Jacks face lit up and he knew,by the look on Violets face,that she was excited and would be more than willing to go with him but he asked anyway,"What do you say Violet?"

"I have no objections!"she said with a huge smile.

They said their goodbyes and stepped into the floo leaving a very happy potions master who for the first time in years looked forward to tomorrow.


The next day Violet flooed to Sevs' place and from there he apparated to the Leaky Cauldron.They went to the very back where the wall that was the entrance to Diagon Alley was,he tapped the bricks and in they went to Diagon Alley.

There were a lot of people being it only two days before classes started and Violet stayed closed to Severus so she wouldn't get lost.

"First we'll go to the apothecary to put in the order and you could get your ingredients as well."she just nodded to busy looking at all the shops to actually be able to respond.

After the apothecary they went to Madam Malkin's Robes to get her robes.Outside of the shop they met a woman of fair skin,blond hair and blue eyes.She was with a boy around Violets age and who obviously was her son.

"Hello Narcissa,Draco,long time no see."Severus greeted the woman and boy.Though the boy was opened mouthed and who could blame him.The man that had once been as handsome as a goblin could be forgiving of thievery,was now as handsome as and enchanting as a veela.

"Severus?....So the rumors were true.You decided to change."said the woman with a gentle smile.Those who had known her knew that she had changed because of the things that happened to he family.Her husband had been sent to Askaban for cooperating with the dark lord and her son Draco had started to be bullied do to that.

"With the Dark Lord dead and all of that behind change is needed."replied Severus.She looked at Violet.

"And who might you be child?"Narcissa asked.

"My name is Violet...Violet O'Neil ma'am."said Violet.

"She is the niece of an old friend,Narcissa,this is her first year at Hogwarts,she comes from America."he said to her amd to me he said,"Violet this is Narcissa Malfoy and her son Draco.He is in the same year as you and is a Slytherin."

"Pleased to meet both of you."I said

"Pleased to meet you as well."replied the boy and Narcissa.

"Shall we get the robes then?"inquired Severus and Narcissa agreed.

While Draco and I were being fitted the adults went to sit in some nearby chairs and chatted.

"Do you know what house you'll be in?"asked the boy.His question had startled me and I got poked but did not say anything,it hadn't hurt that much.

"No I don't....The headmaster wrote that since it's my first year at Hogwarts that I'll ride the boats with the first years and be sorted like them."I said.

"Oh.Well even if you don't get sorted into Slytherin I'll be your friend."He said with a small smile.I smiled back and said,"Thank you I'll take you up on the offer."

After that we went for my wand even though I could use magic without it.The Malfoys accompanied us and I started to like the boy he was nice I could smell that he had kindness in his heart,with my wingallow powers meaning my dog sense of smell.After about thirty to sixty minutes I got my wand and we went for everything else and finally for some lunch.I was starving and felt I could eat a hippogriff,of course I wouldn't.We went to sit at a small table,near the back,inside the restaurant but when we got there the two adults and the boy stiffen a bit.Severus relaxed but the other two didn't relax much.They were two tables away from the one we were gonna sit at so we had to pass by them.

"Severus Snape?????"came the shocked question from a black haired man.You could see he had been far much more handsome in his younger years but even so that glory hadn't left him completely.He was with a boy around mine and Dracos age and that boy was opened mouthed and a bit red?Hmmm,interesting.

"Well of course I am Severus Snape,or who did you expect,the tooth fairy?"Severus replied.

"Well if I didn't know you I would probably had called you that."the black haired man said with a smirk.I was confused and Narcissa was not comfortable.

"I'm going to order something,come Draco,Violet I think Severus would want to introduce you so you stay with him."she said and I nodded.The black haired man then looked at me and gave a questioning look to Severus.

"Black,Potter,this is Violet the niece of an old friend,this is going to be her first year at Hogwarts,she came from America and I am helping her with her stuff.Violet this is Sirius Black and Harry Potter,Potter is a student like Draco but is a Gryffindor."Said Severus.

I tried to get their names to sink in well and finally said,"Nice to meet you....I was trying to hold my laughter in cause I remember a muggle cartoon with a Mr.Black and Mr.White and his first name being Sirius did not help....Mr.Black."I cleared my throat."Nice to meet you Harry."I managed to get out but my mind had already gone to the wrong section,the one that had gotten me in trouble so many times with some family members,yet had also gotten many laughs out of them.I mean everything was handed to me but like fucking hell was I gonna voice those thoughts....I mean we were in front of a Hairy Potter and a man who was Serious Black yet was as white as ghost and that cartoon!!There was nothing serious about Mr.Black!!!I was easily amused so that didn't help either.

"Oh please call me Sirius,Mr.Black is too formal and I don't like it much."replied Sirius.Oh Screw it I had always been the queen of subtly.

"Very well...May I ask you a question?"I asked,he nodded.

"Have you ever gotten mud on your face and wondered if your middle name was Lee?"

""he said with a very confused look.

"Oh I see well when you do please tell me."I replied with a serious look.

"Ok."he said

Before they could properly think about what I just said I decided to chime in with,"Sev,I'm thirsty and hungry.Oh and look Mrs.Malfoy actually ordered me something already so I bid you all goodbye for now.Excuse me."I gave them a nod and left.

"...So,what was that about?"Sirius asked

"Honestly Black I haven't seen her in a few years so I Don't know."replied Severus.

"Sirius Lee Black..."said Harry.

"What?"they both asked.

"She made a joke with your name.She said if you had ever gotten mud on your face and wondered if your middle name was Lee..Seriously Black.get it?"

Sirius started to laugh and said to Severus,"Well that kid has a good sense of humor!Never met anyone bold enough to make a joke like that about my name.Kinda refreshing...Both of you will excuse me though I need to go to the loo."He said and left leaving the other two alone.

"Mr.Potter I also wish to go eat so I'm afraid I'll be leaving you."Said Severus to Harry.

"Of course Professor,I also need to finish my lunch.Besides I'll be seeing you at Hogwarts."

At that I saw Severus was shocked?Or more like surprised.I also saw the boy look a bit flustered.....Weird.

"Of course Mr.Potter and I hope your grades will improve as well.I know you are not stupid Harry so I expect better from you,If they don't we will have a lot of work ahead of us."He smiled mischievously,then nodded and left leaving a very red and flustered boy behind.

I saw the questioning look Sirius gave Harry when he came back but nothing else happened.I ate my food calmly savoring everything but not after I had thanked Mrs.Malfoy,she had chosen well.We left at the same time Sirius and Harry left so conversation ensued between the two men,Mrs.Malfoy excused herself and told Draco that she would meet him at the Leaky Cauldron.

"So Black have you and Harry gotten everything?"Severus asked

"No we actually need a few things,have you and Violet gotten everything?"asked Sirius.

"Yes we finished before lunch."replied Severus and after that I don't know what they talked about cause I fell back with the two boys.

"What can you two tell me about Hogwarts?"I asked and the two boys went into stories and facts about it.

"We are both on the Quidditch teams"said Draco

"Do you have Quidditch in America"asked Harry

"Yeah bu we also have other games."I said and went on to tell them about the other games.Then from amongst crowd five beautiful women came and started drooling all over the guys.I was pushed to the side but from there I could see those women were pickpockets and had just taken all their money which I as easily got back with the same tactics.When I gave it back they were to ashamed to even ask but I explained anyways.

"After living with a monkey who was an expert pickpocket you learn stuff."They questioned nothing,still ashamed.

We passed by a shop selling brooms the one on display was the Firebolt.I stopped to look at it.

"Wow,I wish I had one of these."I said.

"I know right!Harry has one."said Draco.

"Seriously!?"I asked with excitement.But before he could say anything Sirius spoke.

"Who said my name?"He asked

"No one did"said Harry

"I heard someone say Sirius Lee."he said with a smirk.

So we explained and everything but all of a sudden a light brown haired man tapped my shoulder.

"Violet"he spoke in a soft voice.

"Uncle Jack!"I said surprised.He had told me he was going to be very busy so I didn't expect to see him here.

He turned to the two men and acknowledge them and after brief introductions he said,"Violet we need to go,pa wants to talk to you."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?"I asked.

"Pa is leaving tonight at ten and wont be back in London for some time.You know this talk is very important if it wasn't you know Pa would never take you away from anything he knows you'll enjoyed."He said and I knew it was true.

I turned to Draco and Harry and said"Well it was great meeting both of you and I'll be seeing you in Hogwarts."They smile,nodded and I shook their hands then turned to Sirius.

"It was also nice meeting you Sirius."I shook his hand as well but then he added,"Nice meeting you too and if I ever get mud on my face and wonder if my middle name is Lee I'll let you know."We all laughed except Uncle Jack.

"Bye Sev.See you at Hogwarts."I hugged him.When we parted though I swear I saw anger on Harrys face.

"Bye Violet and I hope you are prepared because I am not going to allow bad grades in my class,more with owls you'll learn about them."He said and patted my head.I again saw a flash of anger on Harrys face and thought 'Oh this year is going to be beautiful.'I waved and then my uncle apparated us home where grandpa waited.The Wingallow talk was about the facts that I was not to use those powers to sick animals on people that irritate me or make me mad.If I did I would have my powers binded for a few months with the months increasing as the offenses increase.So in my head it meant 'Don't get caught!'
The days went by and I saw myself with my uncle Jack at Kings Cross then at platform 9 3/4 with Harry and Sirius they were with a family of red heads who seemed very nice.I learned their names and the fact that they also went to Hogwarts with us.We said goodbye to our guardians and got on the train.Harry said I could sit with him since Ron had been appointed Prefect along with Hermione whom I only managed to greet because we met on the train.

In the train compartment we sat in silence for a while until my forwardness won and I asked,"So you like Sev huh?"He went beet red.

"What gave you that idea??"he asked with and incredulous look.

"It was obvious by the looks of anger you gave me each time he hugged me when we were in Diagon Alley."I said nonchalantly.

"You got it wrong...I-have no feelings toward him or anything like that!"He said with a slightly raise voice and still flushed face.

"Right...Look I'm just telling you that you have nothing to be jealous about.Between Sev and I there is nothing apart from uncle/niece relationship.To be more specific if you like Sev I'll help you out on your conquest.After all I know very well and happen to know that he's bisexual."He had a hopeful yet incredulous look but then he said,"Will you really help me?Or are you just playing with me?"

"I don't play with people like this Harry I will swear that on my parents graves."I stated with a very serious face.

"Very well,then I take you up on your offer."He said with a mischievous smile which made me think again'This is going to be a beautiful year.'Hogwarts make way for love this year.
Well this is the first chapter please let me know what you think so far.I mean I know it's not very Snarry but honestly it will be there will also be other pairings but I haven't decide yet on them.See you soon!

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