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Sudden Changes by Darkalli
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Author's Notes:
I don't remember if I have put this on here before, not sure if I had another pen name so I'm putting this note in just in case someone finds it under another name. I mostly write on and hpfandom and I thought I'd put this on here. This version of the story is a re-write of the original. I hope you guys enjoy.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warning: AU after year five. Slash, violence, language, mentions of child abuse (no details), alcohol consumption. Dumbledore bashing, some Weasley bashing.

Pairings: Harry/Severus, Draco/Blaise, Remus/Lucius, Neville/Luna, Fred/Angelina Johnson and George/Oliver Wood. (There will be a surprise pairing in a later chapter).



When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.



Chapter One: The Escape!


 What would you do if you were beaten constantly by your relatives? Would you sit there and keep taking the punishments? Or would you put your foot down and change your attitude so that no one could take advantage of you again?

 This was a decision that Harry Potter was faced with in the summer before his seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The first day of holidays saw Harry beaten by his uncle and locked in his bedroom with no food for a week, all because he lost a rather important client at work and blamed it on Harry’s freakishness; like he did with everything else that went wrong for he and his family.

 Harry had taken up what some people considered a rather nasty habit over the last year to try and cope with all the stress caused by his role in the upcoming war as well as his less than stellar home life. He had managed to convert enough of his galleons into muggle money so he could pay the local homeless guy, who hung out near the corner shop a few blocks away, to buy him the cigarettes he had become addicted to after finding one in Dudley’s room whilst cleaning it the previous summer.

 At first he snuck a few here and there from the pack that Dudley hid in his bedroom closet. It wasn’t until he had to do a store run for his aunt to buy a new tub of ice cream for his grossly overweight cousin, who had already gone through the three his mother had bought in shopping at the start of the week, that Harry saw Mr. Hodge in his usual spot out the front of the shop with his usual sign asking for money. He remembered the muggle money he had managed to convert the previous summer that was still stashed inside an old pair of socks under the lose floorboards in his room. If he paid Mr. Hodge to get him the cigarettes then he no longer had to pinch them from his cousin, he was lucky his cousin was as thick as he is round or he would have noticed the missing ones from his packs that Harry had been taking over the last month.

 It had worked out well, even though he was legally allowed to buy them himself once he had turned sixteen Harry knew that if he went into the shop to buy them his aunt and uncle would find out. It was less hassle to pay £15 to Mr. Hodge leaving the left over money as payment to keep his mouth shut about their little deal. It seemed really ridiculous to go about it the way he did but his family were vigilant nut bags who had half the neighbourhood reporting his every move.

 His most recent indulgence, which came about quite accidently whilst at Hogwarts, was rather reckless of him but he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Even though the Weasley twins had left in his fifth year they had still left behind a lot of their hidden treasures. They had sent an owl to Harry telling him of their little room filled with banned items, one of which was a bottle of Ogden’s Old Firewhisky. He learned how to make Sober Up potions pretty quickly after that little experiment.

 Drinking became a habit on weekends when he would hide away in the room of requirement where he could study without Ron complaining or Hermione giving him curious looks. Apparently him actually wanting to do better in his classes was an odd occurrence. His laziness in class stemmed from when he was in primary school and was made to do worse than Dudley in school after a very positive school report that made his cousin look even dumber than Harry thought was possible. That earned him a whipping with his uncle’s belt and the whole weekend locked in his cupboard, his list of chores the following week was longer than usual due to the two missed days over the weekend.

 Even though his schooling had improved it sure didn’t improve his interactions with Snape, the man seemed to treat him even worse than usual. Even though potions class wasn’t his best subject he still managed to get an O in his OWL’s which meant that his potions professor had no choice but to accept him into his class in Harry’s sixth year. His diligent studying managed to pay off, even with Ron trying to distract him whenever he mentioned the library or homework.

 Harry had started to get suspicious of the reasoning behind Ron’s constant efforts to distract Harry. Ron seemed to know just when Harry was planning on studying or doing his homework because he always turned up to drag Harry away. Once or twice wouldn’t have mattered but the more Ron did it the more suspicious Harry became.

 Not even half way through the year those suspicions were proven right, Harry had overheard a rather disturbing conversation between Ron and Dumbledore. He was wandering around the castle under his visibility cloak one night after a particularly nasty vision from Voldemort when he came across an abandoned classroom on the fifth floor. A door that was usually closed was slightly open and there were indistinct voices drifting out the three-inch gap. He would have continued to walk past, thinking it was students making out, if he hadn’t heard his name.

 As quietly as he could he snuck up to the door and listened into the conversation between who he now recognised as the headmaster and his supposed best friend. It’s not every day you find out the person you thought was your friend was only being so for money, paid to them by someone you thought cared about you. Harry had drunk himself into a stupor that night and ended up late to potions the next day which earned him three nights’ detention, it didn’t help that he had told Snape to shut up when he spoke too loudly whilst standing next to him.

 All of this eventually led to Harry’s plan of escape during the summer before his last year at Hogwarts, he was turning seventeen which would make him an adult in the Wizarding world. Dumbledore wouldn’t be able to stop him.

 Harry was currently sitting on the floor of his bedroom waiting for his birthday. It was just before midnight and it was only a matter of minutes before he could finally get out of this hell hole that had been called his home for sixteen years. He had stopped caring after the first few beatings he had received from Vernon, sure he had been abused in the past by his uncle, but it had definitely gotten worse this summer. It wouldn’t surprise him if Dumbledore had something to do with that.

 Once midnight struck, Harry planned to leave Privet Drive and the Dursley’s once and for all. Even though the pain of learning that he was nothing but a pawn in a giant game of chess that the Wizarding world was playing stung more than the beatings, Harry still planned to go back into that world intent on killing Voldemort once and for all. Only this new school year bought with it a new and improved Harry Potter that didn’t plan on taking shit from anyone.

 No more manipulations from his so called mentor, Albus Dumbledore and he would take the harassment and verbal abuse from the Slytherin’s no longer. He planned to be re-sorted once school started, knowing that he would be placed into Slytherin, considering that is where the hat wanted to put him in first year. Once there he planned to gather as much information on Voldemort as possible. Harry also planned on having a friendship with Draco Malfoy, whose father Harry had discovered was actually a spy for the Order of the Phoenix.

 To say he was shocked to find out that Lucius Malfoy, the Ice Prince extraordinaire, is and has always been a spy for the Order of the Phoenix was an understatement. But it made sense; Draco’s attitude towards him always seemed forced over the years. No doubt to keep the children of loyal Death Eaters from finding out about his father and reporting it to Voldemort. Harry had found out this information during his usual midnight wanderings, he had stumbled across Professor Snape and Mr. Malfoy having a heated conversation in the potions classroom. He had listened in for quite a while, almost getting caught, but he had found out more about Draco’s father in that one conversation then he ever thought possible. It made it easier to forgive Draco’s past doings and would make a friendship between the pair a possibility.

 Coming out of his musings, Harry looked at the clock and noticed that it was now 12:05am. Time to get the hell out of there, and start anew. After putting out the remnants of the cigarette he had been puffing away at, Harry stood up and used wandless magic to pack and shrink his school trunk. He had gotten better at the rare art of magic during his confinement in his bedroom for the last month and planned on keeping it a secret until the right time to reveal it. After letting Hedwig out of her cage and telling her to meet him at the Leaky Cauldron, Harry shrunk the cage and put it in his pocket along with his trunk and with one last look at his previous prison shut the door and left number 4 Privet Drive for the last time.



 A/N: Well here is the first chapter, the other five are soon to follow. Happy Reading.


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