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Shock and Awe by MissMae
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Author's Notes:
I don't own 'em
Madame Pomfrey had barely finished speaking when Harry bounded from the infirmary and tore through the castle. Harry dashed down the stairs and wove his way through the dungeons, skidding to a halt in front of Severus' door. Harry took a moment to catch his breath, but before he could mutter the password, Severus opened the door.

"Bloody hell, Harry. Pomfrey just fire-called me in a panic saying that you tore out of her infirmary like a mad man! I was coming to look for you." Harry flashed Severus a smile and took his hand.

"Take a walk with me?" Severus stared, momentarily pussled by his lover's behavior. He was broken from his haze by Harry's long arms wrapping around him. Severus turned to push Harry against the nearest wall and kissed him, long and hard.

"Gentleman." The two separated as though they had been electrocuted and turned to face a slightly amused Minerva McGonagall.

Harry regained his wits before Severus, who was closely examining the group of teenagers standing behind Professor McGonagall. "Yes, Headmistress?" Harry's voice was unsteady. He too had noticed the crowd.

"Lupin. Black. Potter." Harry sucked in a sharp breath as recognition flickered across the young faces staring back at him.

"Snivelly? Is that you?" Harry recognized the taunting tone of the voice and clamped a hand down on his lover's arm.

"Now James, that is not the polite way to greet your son's future husband, is it? I think you should try again." Severus smiled, and three pair of eyes flickered between the two men.

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