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Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart by yaoiXyaoi
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Chapter 1: That Night

"Hey guys..." Harry stated to get his friend's attention, before he tiredly stretched his arms above his head, letting a suppressed yawn escape from behind his lips. "I think I'm gonna turn in for the night."

It had been a very long day for Gryffindor's Golden Boy, although it mainly consisted of stressful classes, immense studying sessions, and of course Quidditch practice. It had been quite hectic to say the least. So much so that he had barely even touched his food, which his friend Hermione was gracious enough to point out.

"'re going to get sick if you don't start eating properly." The curly-haired brunette stated matter-of-factly, a worried expression plastered on her face. Lately Harry was looking pale and a bit worse for wear, at least more than he usually did anyway. It was almost like when he returned to school from an unwanted summer with the Dursleys. It honestly was beginning to scare her a little.

"I'm fine, Hermione." He replied with a small reassuring smile, standing from his seat at the table as he gathered up his belongings. "I just don't have much on an appetite right now. That's all."

"If you say so." She said with an inquisitive look. "Just try to take it easy for a little while. I don't want you ending back up in the Hospital Wing."

"For the hundredth time, that is." Ron promptly added on with a quirky smile of his own, earning a grin from Harry, as well as an annoyed semi-glare from the female of the trio.

"Well then...I guess I'll be off. See you in the morning." Harry said, before throwing his book-bag over his shoulder. "Night."

After making his way out of the Great Hall, he began to head towards the Gryffindor Tower, letting out soft yawns along the way.

'Man...I'm beat. Maybe Hermione is right.' Harry thought to himself, contemplating on whether or not he had come down with something, or if he was just simply exhausted.

Neville had just recently got over a cold, so the possibility that he had caught it was pretty high. Oh well. No point in worrying about it now. Besides, even if he was sick Harry could always go to Madame Pomfrey. Distracted by his thoughts, Harry failed to notice when someone started to tail him silently from behind. The stalker, however, was unable to stay hidden for long. A few moments later, just when Harry was a few feet away from the main staircase, he finally noticed a shadow other than his own creeping up on him. He turned around, assuming that Ron or Hermione had changed their minds, and decided to tag along. Although that thought didn't last long. Before he could even get a single word out everything suddenly went black...


'Ngh...damn it all. Wha...what the hell happened?' Harry mentally questioned himself, as he slowly started to come to, the black haze of unconsciousness fading away before his eyes. He was lying on his stomach, face pressed uncomfortably against the cold stone floor, his arms bound rather tightly behind his back. He winced slightly when a throbbing pain at the base of his skull started acting up, and blinked a few times, trying to get his vision back into focus. Even though he would've been unable to wield it in his current situation, Harry still glanced around for his wand. He managed to seat himself in an upright position, leaning back against a nearby wall for support. Taking a look at his surroundings, he instantly recognized that he was in the boy's lavatory on the third floor.

"Hello, Potter. Finally awake I see." A rather deep and raspy voice spoke.

There was no mistaking who that voice belonged to. Even so, it did catch Harry's attention rather quickly. Looking up, his eyes met the gaze of one Gregory Goyle, who was currently busying himself by twirling the young Potter's wand back and forth in his hand. The Slytherin boy smirked down at Harry with an almost sinister grin, his eyes filled with nothing short of malevolence. Harry's eyes narrowed, glaring daggers at the taller boy.

"What do you want, Goyle?" Harry asked, spitting out the question with as much sarcasm as he could muster up. "Wait let me guess...done stuffing your face, so you figured harassing me was the next best thing. You really need to get a hobby or something."

"Very funny, Potter...but no." The taller boy replied, before tossing Harry's wand across the lavatory, and pulling out his own to take its place. He pointed it directly at Harry, wearing the smuggest of expressions. "Actually I have something much better in store for you. Well...better for me anyway...Evanesco!"

Just as the spell left his lips, all of Harry's clothes suddenly vanished into thin air, leaving him stark-naked and vulnerable in front of the Slytherin boy. Harry's eyes widened in pure shock, and he quickly shut his legs together to hide the most private parts of his body. Chills made their way through his body, caused not only by the cold cement floor beneath his bare frame, but by the look Goyle was giving him as well. Harry was at a loss for words. It hadn't taken him long to realize what the repulsive boy had in mind. He would've had to have been a complete idiot not to figure it out. To say he was shocked, not to mention sickened, at the thought would've been a vast understatement. Although his eyes narrowed once again, fear was definitely evident on Harry's face, no matter how much he tried to hide it.

"You really is your fault, Potter." Goyle stated gruffly, kneeling down to lean over Harry's smaller figure, nearly crushing the Gryffindor in the process. "Always flaunting your fame about...trying to making everyone else look so small."

Goyle smirked darkly, reaching down to grope Harry's most sensitive area with a single large hand, chuckling as the smaller boy tried to squirm out of his reach.

"But from the looks of it you're the small one aren't you, Potter?"

"Are you insane? What the hell is wrong with you?!" Harry exclaimed, thrashing about in an attempt to get away from the slimy git, although it was inevitable with the other boy's weight keeping him pinned down against the stone floor. "Let me go you fucking arse!"

Before he could add anything else to his protests, Goyle swiftly back handed Harry as hard as he possibly could, causing the smaller boy to let out a rather loud yelp. He chuckled at the Gryffindor's expense, taking a sadistic pleasure in seeing Harry's discomfort, as he began to stroke the smaller boy's member.

"I wouldn't even bother screaming, Potter. I've already placed a silencing charm on the lavatory. Besides...everyone's still in the Great Hall." Goyle murmured, leaning down to lick the shell of Harry's ear, before biting down painfully on the lobe. "But by all means...feel free to do so if you wish. Seeing the people I fuck in pain is quite a turn-on for me."

'Oh, Merlin!' Harry thought frantically, as he desperately tried to free his arms, but to no avail. 'He's actually serious about this!'

"Get off of me you fucking prat!" Harry shouted, not wanting to give Goyle the satisfaction of knowing how frightened he really was. "And stop touching me!"

Just as the Slytherin boy was about to press his lips to Harry's in an unwanted kiss, Harry leaned back and spat in Goyle's face. With a sneer, Goyle wiped the globule of spit away on back of his hand. He drew his fist back, and slammed it into Harry's face, knocking the boy's glasses off in one swift movement. Harry bit down on his tongue to keep himself from letting out another cry of pain, tiny beads of unshed tears forming at the corners of his eyes. A small trickle of blood made its way down his nose, and he was pretty sure it was now broken.

"Bad move, Potter. I was gonna take it easy on you, but now that you've pissed me off..." Goyle muttered, as he hastily unzipped his trousers, and freed his throbbing erection, one that seemed too big to belong to a boy of his age. "I'm really gonna make you scream."

"Fuck off!" Harry shouted with a glare, as he struggled against his bindings.

With a smirk of superiority, Goyle forced Harry onto his stomach, and crudely spat in his hand. Goyle ran it over his erection, quickly lubing it up, before he positioned himself in front of the Gryffindor's virgin entrance. Grasping the boy's hips roughly, and without even preparing him, he slammed his entire length into Harry, causing the boy to scream at the top of his lungs in agony. The pain was immense, and quickly spread like wild fire, burning his insides with each assaulting plunge that followed. No matter how hard he tried, Harry could not hold in the sounds of his torment as Goyle kept up a fast and violent pace, the sheer size of his cock shredding Harry open.

The Gryffindor continued to struggle, jerking and thrashing about as he tried to free his arms, while also attempting to get as far away from Goyle's cock as possible. But his attempts were futile, and he continued to scream out his pain. Tears soon began to fall down his face in torrents as Goyle continued, putting as much violence into the act as he could muster, and chuckling sadistically at Harry's shame.

"You're just a regular cock slut aren't you, Potter?" He asked with a evil smile, digging his fingers harder into Harry's hips.

The torture seemed to last an eternity to the emerald-eyed boy, and he could feel blood already pooling around his backside. Everything....every solitary movement was absolute torment, and he wept in shame and disgrace. When Goyle finally came to his climax, he let out a loud grunt, shooting his load into Harry. Just as Goyle was about to pull his flaccid cock from Harry's backside, the doors of the lavatory swung violently open, and in stepped a figure that Harry thought he would never be happy to see. A man clothed in black, with onyx eyes and hair to match.

"Professor Snape?!"

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