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Spring Green by Echo
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Author's Notes:
It was only after I started shipping drarry that I really began to truly notice (and utterly love) Severus. [Ironic, huh? Go for drarry, fall for snarry :3]. His quiet devotion to Harry moved me so. I really think he loved Harry, and.... well, this poem says it all really. This is my personal view of Snarry, but from Sev's point of view, as it were.
This is my first piece, for anything like this, so um..... please don't judge me too harshly! (: I hope you like it even a little (:
Captivating like watery diamonds
on the spring green.
That's what you had in common.

I watched them,
watched those spring-green eyes.
For years.... so many years.
Their glitter and sunshine fulfilled me,
my childhood and first love.
I watched them fade away,
as yours continued to glisten.

Glisten like your father's arrogance,
to match the smirk which you both could wear.
All I saw was a reflection
of the man who made me see
a colour more potent than red.
An edge-sharp reminder of all I had lost.

I despised you, and gladly too,
I only saw your father, and only tried to.
Because although you were all I had left of her,
I knew, that where I saw Lily,
my cold stability would fall through.
It was in her memory that I cared for you.

Days, months, years.....
They passed. Quietly.
Unlike you.
Time and time again, our paths collided,
each time you had morphed
into something older, taller, stronger.
Something more endearing and more beautiful.
The subtle tug of affection I felt:
more unforgivable than the Cruciatus Curse.

And yet, and yet.....
I saw so little of Lily in you.
Her grace; your recklessness.
Her quiet intelligence; your idleness.
Her calming smile; your wild anger.

Then, why?
Madness, I told myself, madness.
How could it be that you captured me like this,
even without Lily's soft charm?

You grew. You grew into your own man.
And as you did, my heart grew in fondness,
until there was no more fondness.
Only undeniable ache of love.

I watched you, Harry,
watched those spring-green eyes.
For years.... so many years.
Their glitter and sunshine fulfilled me,
my childhood youth renewed and second love blossomed.
I will never let them fade away;
because all I want to do
is love you, keep you safe,
and watch over you.

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