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A Moment in Time by skibbythemetatron
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Author's Notes:
This poem is Snarry IMO, but some people might also be able to label it as Snily, as well.
My eyes drift closed;
No words are needed.
Your face tells me plenty.
For I know your ways.
Your arms caress and hold me;
As I sleep on.
Soft kisses wake me;
When morning arrives,
You whisper of love and belonging,
I disbelieve.
Your onyx eyes stare,
As I murmur and sigh.
While one elegant hand;
Caresses my soft cheek.
Emerald eyes flutter open,
And tug at silky locks.
You quirk your lips
As I pull and stroke and caress.
For there is something about your hair
That leaves me a wreck.
It is not greasy
As everyone thinks
But rather soft and silky;
And scented of rose hips.
Soft kisses are planted,
Sighs and murmurs are heard.
I twine my fingers around yours
But you tell me to get up!

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