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Next time, you bring the weed... by collage
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Author's Notes:
I do not approve of drug use. LOL, riiight.
Severus had been staring at the same page for three and a half hours. He just couldn't summon the energy to turn the page. He blinked slowly, then became aware of a repeated thumping sound coming from the general vicinity of his doorway. He stood, dropping the book, ignoring the sensation of his blood rushing to his feet. He walked slowly to the door, admiring the pattern of the stone of his walls. He opened the door, and leaned against the frame. Harry stood before him holding a bottle of scotch. Severus tilted his head to the side and stared for a few long minutes.
"Um, can I come in Professor?" Harry asked.
"Why not..." Severus replied, plucking the bottle of scotch from Harry's hands, and turning and walking slowly back into his chambers. He sat cross-legged on the ground in front of the fire, fiddling with the cork.
"How do you get this blasted thing off?" Severus muttered. Harry's eyes widened. "Um, sir, are you alright?" Severus sniffed.
"I am perfectly fine, Mr. Pottttttteeeeerrrrr," he replied, drawing out the word. Harry grinned.
"I'm sure..." he answered, sitting next to Severus. "What are you on?" Harry asked. Severus turned to face him. He was able to summon an expression of righteous indignation, tempered only slightly by his glazed eyes and dilated pupils.
"I am not under the influence. I can operate a broom just fine, thank you very much. I am insulted you would even in...insin...insinuate anything of the sort," Severus replied coldly. Harry laughed. Severus sniffed again and stood, quite unsteadily.
"I will fetch...Rover," Snape said with a giggle. "Glasses, no, glasses," he continued to speak of the virtues of glasses as he guided himself toward his inner chambers.
Harry stood at the sound of breaking glass, and rushed to Severus' aid. He found him, on his back, covered in scotch and...dare I say it?...giggling. Every few seconds, a snort would enter the laughter, and Harry found himself laughing.
"We should do this more often, Snape," Harry inserted.
Severus nodded.
"Yes. Next time, you bring the weed".

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