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Fleeting by collage
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It's a strange thing to learn that he's dead. I felt nothing when I was told. The absinthe can attest to that. I wondered about his last moments. Was he afraid? Angry, that at last, I had betrayed him? I would never know. I remembered his eyes, glaring, unflinching. Hurt. They had filled with what could only be tears, and I had been shocked. The boy had been telling the truth. He had loved me. Life... How...fleeting. It's a wonder that I have lived this long. Forty-seven years of suffering through the machinations of two masters. One, finally dead. That old, meddling man deserved what he got. The other... The other had never lived. I remember when I met young Tom Riddle. He was dead already. And now, his pathetic shell would finally be shuffled loose the mortal coil. I laugh as I think of this. I laugh as much as a dying man can. I feel nothing as my blood pools around me. The knife glistens in the candle-light, a silent testament to how frail the human body is. He's waiting for me. My love. My Harry.

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