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As The Plot Thickens by willowtree_16
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Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I’m not making a single dime. All of these lovely characters belong to J.K.R.

Warnings: SLASH, Dominance, unexpected sub, severe OOC

BETA: oli...

“Seamus, Dean I need a favor.” Harry said as he pull the two boys into a secluded corner of the Gryffindor common room

“Sure Harry what’s up?”

“I sort of have a situation I need Seamus’ help with.” Harry said nervously

“Name it mate.”

“Well it’s kind of personal, you know I have been sneaking out to see someone, right?”

“Of course mate, you’re gone like every night and when you are here your moaning in your sleep.” Seamus only said the last part to tease Harry, because in truth the fact that Harry was either elsewhere or moaning in his sleep did please the sixth year Gryffindor boys, since Harry wasn’t there to wake them up with his nightmares about Voldermort.

“Well this person is a teacher and he broke up with me because he thinks I’m too young to have a serious relationship with, since I haven‘t seen the world and shagged anyone besides him or some rubbish.” the two boys in front of Harry didn’t know what to say so they wisely chose to stay quite. They looked at each other silently agreeing that Harry was completely insane.

“Where do we come in on this hairball scheme of yours Harry?" Dean asked’ Seamus smirked at his boyfriends’ choice of words.

“Well if I have your permission I’d like to borrow Seamus,”

Dean looked positively infuriated. “Just to make him jealous” Harry quickly added, Dean lightened up a little but not much.

“Let me get this straight, no pun intended you want to borrow my boyfriend, to make your ex-boyfriend, who is a teacher, jealous?” Harry nodded.

“You’re a crazy bastard Harry.”

“There's one more thing you need to know before you say yes and it has to stay secret.” both boys nodded. The man I’ve been seeing is Severus Snape.” Dean look like he was going to pass out cold, while Seamus looked delighted but still has a small trace of fear in his eyes. The Irish boy started to grin from ear to ear at the thought of tormenting his most hated professor.

“This is great, of course I will, but out of everyone in this school why come to me for such a pleasurable task? Lavender and Parvati were on there way to the girls dorms when they heard a boy in their year talking about performing pleasurable tasks on Harry Potter. They decided that they would listen to the juiciest bit of gossip they had heard all year.

“Because I can count on your experience, besides I’m sure you will put up a good show.”

“Meet me by the lake at 10 “

“I can’t wait.” Harry said with a broad grin


As Harry walked to the lake he saw a shadowy figure standing in front of the lake.



“Sorry I’m late.”

“No it’s ok. You know this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done, or rather, will do.” Harry and Seamus just grinned at each other.


Lavender and Parvati sat at the window in Gryffindor tower, watching Harry and Seamus walk down the lake and towards the forbidden forest. Choosing rumors to spread tomorrow, on why Harry was going to the forbidden forest with Seamus, and how long their ‘fling’ was going to last.


Harry felt horrible when he woke up; his head was throbbing and his mouth dry. All he wanted to do was go back to bed and die there. When he looked in the mirror he saw that he looked as bad as he felt. He looked pale and he had dark circles under his eyes. He knew he shouldn’t have been talking with Seamus about Quidditch until one in the morning. ‘Damn, how the hell am I going to convince Severus that I’m responsible enough to be with him, if I can’t even take care of myself? Not only that, but no one, I mean no one, could seduce anyone looking like this. I look like I had a few rounds with a large bear!’ Harry thought as the door to the dormitory flung open.

“Harry come on. You need to eat breakfast. You look horrible; I can’t believe that you stayed up that late. Oh well, you made your bed and now you have to sleep in it. Come on breakfast is almost over.” Hermione said in a rush

As Harry walked into the Great Hall a pair of obsidian eyes looked at Harry in concern. He had never seen Harry like this. Severus’ worry was soon replaced with anger when Harry sat down to an equally poor looking Seamus Finnigan.

As the head of Slytherin house Severus had always heard all of the latest rumors from his young Slytherins. Severus had always had low self worth but he thought enough of himself to know that if Harry cared for him at all he would have waited longer before he started shagging someone else. Even if Severus and Harry only had sex once, which wasn’t penetrative the dark eyed man had always believed that Harry wasn’t the type to just start sleeping with someone he had no emotional connection to. Unless Harry and Finnigan had been together before he had caught Harry’s eye, and he was just something Harry had on the side. The potion masters’ subconscious knew that, that was ridiculous but his subconscious was too busy battling his conscious, and loosing by far. Everyone’s most hated teacher wasn’t the arrogant, power hungry, sadist that everyone thought he was. Quite the opposite actually, ever since he was growing up he never got the love and caring that a human being needs to grow into a healthy adult as he got older things only got worse. Harry had known that the head of Slytherin house wasn’t as emotionally strong as he let on, but he never let Harry see how vulnerable he truly was, in the month and a half that they were together. The dark man got up swiftly in order to get to the safety of his classroom, so he could pull him self together. He had class in 10 minutes and today they were brewing a mild truth potion, meaning that the infamous potions master needed to have his wits about him, especially when it’s a seventh year Gryffindor/ Slytherin double period that contained his ex lover.

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