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So Little Time by willowtree_16
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“ I am Severus Snape head of Slytherin house, Potions Master at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, when I wanted something I went after it , it was that way my whole life. Well at least it was that way until I found you, but stupidly, I refused to give into that feeling of completion that consumed me when we were in the same room together. Their were so many reasons it could go wrong. I thought you were too immature for this level of commitment you were

merely 17, no one would accept us as a couple. Not to mention the fact that were in the middle of a war for Merlins sake, what kind of relationship is started in the middle of a war? Then the day I finally took what I wanted, my body and soul felt full you were truly the one I was meant to be with till the end of my days,

not the other way around. You and I spent our days and nights basking in the love we felt for each other. The sex was amazing, your intellect was as sharp as your tongue. When in public we would challenge the others wit, others who were too simple minded seen us as insane for our verbal bashing of one another, but to us it was a game one we had played for years. Then a week after we got together I proposed and you

accepted. Albus held the ceremony with Lupin, and McGonagall as witnesses. All of your friends were on missions that day and we decided that time was ours

and we wanted as much as we could get. Three weeks later the war ended and so did my reason for living you defeated the Dark Lord just as you promised. But you broke a promise as well, you promised you’d never leave me, that you would stay with me always. Well you lied to me! I want to hate you for it but I can’t bring myself to. I have classes to prepare for I’ll see next.” severus placed the flower in his hand on the gravestone which read

Harry James Potter


Beloved friend

Devoted husband

He saved us from one of the

worst wizard in many years.

We are eternally grateful.

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