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A Family Matter by strangeseraph
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Severus felt a shiver of apprehension from his fiance as the shrieking snarling gates made their displeasure known. Severus ignored the old wrought iron gate and focused in pulling the car into the drive. It was a nice old car, a dark black hearse with a polished hood and a custom silver Slytherin serpent badge and hubcaps. Harry had bought the car for Severus as his wedding present, but being that the car was so large, and they had needed some form of transportation to use while in America, Harry had presented it to him early.

Severus had gone on a rant that Harry had jinxed their wedding with an early present, until Harry had reminded him that he was taking Harry to see his dangerous and volatile American relatives and what could possibly jynx up their wedding plans worse than that?

"You will have to babysit my young cousins as punishment!" Severus had shouted.

"From the way you describe your relatives it will be my funeral! Or theirs, come to think of it..."

"Well then! I think you'll fit in quite well with my relatives!"

It had not been a pretty argument, but the make-up sex in the back of the car had given Severus something to daydream about on the plane ride across the ocean.

Now they were stepping out of the car and Harry was looking up at the old ominous mansion with a vague wrinkle of his nose.

"Is this it?" Harry said, turning to look at Severus. "You said it was frightening."

"Yes, I think you will fit in quite well," Severus repeated with a smirk, then rang on the doorbell.

Harry jumped when the doorbell did not ring, but made a long moaning sound like a foghorn. Severus smirked. Harry's eyebrows went up to his hairline when a very tall pale man, the butler, answered the door.

"You rang?" said the man, in a very low voice.

"Yes, we certainly did," Severus chuckled. "May we come in?"

The butler nodded and backed away to allow them to enter. Harry had a good look around the entryway before the butler lead them into the side parlor. An elegant woman with long black hair and a long black dress sat on a wicker chair knitting what appeared to be long black and white striped socks. Her husband sat in his own chair, a cigar in his mouth a newspaper open in his hands. As soon as the man spotted them he jumped up from the chair.

"Severus, old boy!" said the man, laughing and clapping Severus on the shoulders. "We've been expecting you!"

"Gomez, you old dog, you haven't aged a bit! Morticia," Severus inclined his head at her. "Beautiful as ever."

"Oh Severus, the things you say," the woman lifted her hand smiling to accept a kiss upon it from her cousin. Her gaze then turned to regard Harry. "Well, Severus, this must be the handsome young man you wrote to us about."

"Yes," Severus said, taking Harry by the hand. "Harry, this is my cousin Morticia and her husband Gomez Addams. Gomez, Tish, this is Harry Potter. My fiance."

One nice thing about the Addams family; gay marriage to them seemed trivial, nothing to get upset about. Considering how accepting they were of every other odd, creepy, strange and unusual person, a gay couple to them must have been extraordinarily ordinary.

"Welcome, welcome," said Gomez brightly, motioning them both into chairs to sit. "You must be exhausted from your flight. I suppose that wonderful black hearse in the driveway belongs to you?"

"A wedding present from my love," Severus said, looking over at Harry fondly.

"How lovely," said Morticia, putting her hands elegantly on the sides of her chair. "But won't that jinx the wedding, getting your presents early?"

Harry winced visibly and Severus chuckled.

"Precisely," he said, and had to duck the well timed blow Harry sent his way.

"You certainly have enough pep to handle Severus," Gomez said to Harry. "But I'm sure you would both like to rest up and have something to eat...Maybe have a look around the grounds..."

"Oh there's no rush," Severus said, ignoring the sour look Harry cast him. "It's been almost too long since I've been here and I'd like to catch up a bit. Where are the children?"

"Oh they're out and about. Fester is teaching them a new game called 'Minefield Dodgeball'..."

A loud, ringing, explosive KA-BOOM filled the house and all talk ceased for a moment, before Gomez broke out into a cheerful grin.

"Sounds like they're having fun! Maybe later you can go join them."

Severus turned to look at his fiance pointedly. Harry's eyes were bugging out a little, but being used to loud bangs, explosions and kabooms from Hogwarts, he smiled tentatively.

"Sounds like a plan to me."


Severus had to hand it to Harry. He had held up rather well to the shock of being subjected to the Addams family for fifteen whole minutes. He rather hoped it would last, he really really wanted his family to like Harry. But then, it was very rare that he had brought home a boyfriend who fit into the family niche. Most were scared off after ten minutes alone with Wednesday.

Severus and Morticia were cousins. Morticia's mother, Hestia Prince, had married a Frump, a very macabre sort of oddball vampire, who rarely showed his face at family reunions unless the reunions were held at night. Together they had produced the beauteously deadly Morticia, who was as naive about her own brutal nature as Harry was naive about not using Severus' toothbrush. Eileen Prince, however, had married a muggle. A very odd British muggle, Tobias Snape. Severus had resulted, but he'd had no trouble fitting in with the many different branches of Addams cousins and next of kin and all that. Everyone in the family seemed to handle death, darkness, doom and gloom very well.

Severus wasn't so sure about Harry though, who had declined walking across the minefield so that the children had to come over to them on the safe, mine free grass to be introduced. The two kids had been very happy to see their cousin, but Wednesday, as he predicted, had given Harry a very very mistrusting look. Not surprising considering some of the ladies who had tried to marry Uncle Fester for the family's money.

"Harry, would you like to play with us?" Pugsley asked, all innocent smiling expression on his face.

"Oh, I suppose I could," Harry said, looking a bit sweaty.

"Wonderful!" Gomez said. "That's the spirit!"

But Severus wondered vaguely if it was a good idea after all. He should have been worried about Harry getting hurt; Morticia's children did like to play a little rough. But he was worried. Was this a good sign or a bad one? He'd never experienced such deep worry for a lover before.

"Are you sure he'll be all right with the children?" Morticia had asked as soon as they returned to the manor house. "He seems rather...normal..."

"Oh, Harry's tough," Severus said, crossing his legs and accepting a glass of wine (or was it blood?) from the butler Lurch. He took a sip. It was wine. "I'd be more worried about the children. Harry didn't get the reputation as the Boy Who Lived for nothing."

"I'm sure you wouldn't bring somebody into our home we couldn't trust..." Gomez commented calmly, picking up his newspaper once again and pretending to be nonchalant.

"Still...I wonder if..."

An earth shattering KABOOM rocked the house and Severus froze in his chair, heart pounding in his chest. Gomez recovered the quickest, laughing and saying something about 'children' before taking a sip of his own wine. Morticia raised an eyebrow and looked straight at Severus, as if saying 'I told you so.'

A tremulous silence followed, in which none of them spoke.

What the hell am I thinking, bringing Harry here? Severus thought wildly. Dear god, he could be killed! He could have JUST been killed! I have to...

Pugsley suddenly rushed into the room, jumping up and down and laughing.

"You should have seen it, oh wow, I couldn't believe it, he went up like a rocket! BOOM!"


"Who?" Morticia said nonchalantly.

"Uncle Fester!"

All four of them stopped moving as a soft humming sound suddenly filled the air, which very quickly increased in volume. There was a loud CRASH and they all looked up to see Fester's head sticking down through the ceiling.

"Hey, it's cousin Snape!" said Fester, grinning madly. "You're looking good, old man! Hey! That friend of yours is one of the best minefield dodgeball players I've ever met! Though..." Fester's head turned to the side. "He kept narrowly avoiding the mines themselves, even when I pointed them right out to him! I don't think he's gotten the whole gist of it yet..."

Severus chuckled and went with Gomez and Lurch to help pull Fester out of the ceiling. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.


"Severus, they tried to blow me up!"

It was later that night after a tentative supper, (in which Harry refused to eat the kidney pie, with real kidneys, and ordered a pizza instead), that they had resigned to their bedroom on the third floor for the evening. The argument had started the minute they had stepped into the door and had not stopped nearly and hour later. Harry now stood with his hands on his hips, in his underwear, a toothbrush sticking out the side of his mouth.

"It's just their way of having fun," Severus said, very close to losing his patience now. "They really like you, so far."

"So far!" Harry snorted, and went back to brushing his teeth. "What happened to all the 'other' boyfriends Wednesday mentioned you'd brought to visit? Did they get blown up?"

"Never you mind! And please kindly return my toothbrush to my suitcase when you are done with it!" Severus retorted, not wanting Harry to learn how close to the mark he really was.

Even if the Addamses were a little...morbid...they did at least try to understand normal people. Severus had to thank Gomez for his sensitivity. Their bedroom suite was free of chains, spikes, whips and knives, and had an attached bathroom with a large comfortable bathtub. Although, the cherubs on the headboard were a bit much.

Morticia claimed the bedroom hadn't been used in some years. Severus could understand why.

"Severus, before I came here I was worried about my curse killing people," Harry said, coming out of the bathroom and crawling under the blankets next to him pointedly. "Now I'm worried they're going to kill me!"

"Well love, if that's how you feel we can always leave and find another place to have our wedding..." Severus said resignedly.

"No, I like it here..." Harry shrugged. "The location is perfect for the wedding, really. I just don't know about the Addamses. Couldn't you...tell them to just..."

"...Not be themselves for a week or two?"

Harry winced and curled up against Severus lovingly.

"I see your point," Harry sighed. "Any advice then on how to handle them?"

"Just go with the flow," Severus commented, and pulled Harry close to his chest. "I'll put some protective charms on you in the morning as well if you like."

"Yeah," Harry said, smiling brightly. "Cause Wednesday said she was going to teach me a game called Death Row..."

"Er..." Severus coughed. "Maybe we can start looking at potential wedding spots tomorrow instead..."

"Good idea," Harry said thickly. "I wouldn't want to end up needing that hearse I bought you."

Severus waved his wand to turn out the lights and curled up under the covers softly with his lover. Sex would have been nice, but Harry seemed to fall asleep almost as soon as the lights were off.

A long trip, a very long day, he must be exhausted. And we've only just arrived. My poor Harry.


"Well then," said Gomez as they arrived bright and early out into the dismal spitting morning rain. "Where to first?"

"I'd say the cemetery," Severus replies immediately. "I want to introduce Harry to the ancestors..."

Wednesday was not happy that Harry had chosen to forgo playing with her in the morning and it took a promise of a game of hide and seek later to get her to settle down.

"Isn't she a little old now for playing hide and seek, Tish?" Severus commented, watching the two children speed off after their Uncle Fester, whom was planning a big fireworks display as his gift to the married couple. "How old are they now?"

"Oh, Pugsley is thirteen and Wednesday is fourteen," said Morticia proudly, causing both Harry and Severus to stare. "Her growth seems to be stunted and wonderfully abnormal! I'm sure she'll stay short for some time, like her great Aunt Petina."

"I'm sure..." Severus said. "And where is your youngest, Pubert? Two years old now isn't he?"

"Oh I'm sure he's around somewhere," Morticia said brightly. "He's been getting into all sorts of trouble since he's learned to fly!"

"I can fly too," said Harry. "I'm the Seeker for the Appleby Arrows."

"Good! You and little Pubert can race!" Gomez said. "I'm gonna warn you, he's a bit of a cheater..."

Harry laughed. He seemed to be enjoying their trip to the family cemetery, learning about the hundreds of family members buried on the property and their history. But he hesitated when Gomez suggested they have the reception there.

"No room to dance," Harry said, weaving his way around the gravestones. "And no room for the tables. Everyone would be squished in..."

"Sounds delightful! But perhaps you're right," Morticia said elegantly. "Maybe, Gomez, we could show them the Grand Ballroom next?"

"You mean, have the wedding outside," Severus commented, stepping carefully over the gravestone of his Great Uncle Runspier. "And then retire indoors to the ballroom for dinner?"

"A delightful suggestion," Gomez chortled, leaning on the statue of Great Auntie Eugenia. "What do you think, Harry my lad?"

"I think it sounds great," said Harry, leaning down to peer at the indiscernible script on one crumbling gravestone. "If we can find a suitable outdoor location. I don't know. The statues here are nice, but they sort of overshadow the place a bit..."

"Don't want the dead to be more ghostly than the grooms now, do we?" Gomez commented in a chirp.

"Well, we can try the sand pits," Morticia commented. "Or the moat, the swamp..."

"As long as we don't go near the minefield," Harry said, shuddering slightly.

"Fester will be using that area for the fireworks display," said Severus cordially, taking Harry by the hand. "Shall we carry on then?"

After a very long walk around the Addams' estate, in which Gomez pointed out every bottomless pit, bat infested cave and slime coated statue to be found, they came upon the swamp. Flies were flitting about in the afternoon heat while horny toads, toads with horns, stuck out their tongues to lick up the flies. The Bog Monster, Severus' favourite attraction of the swamp, was sun bathing in the shallows. Crocodiles grinned from beneath the lily pads and live pirhanas in the waters snapped as they jumped up out of the water to try and latch onto the sweet little bejeweled dragon flies that Severus remembered were only allowed to breed as food for the other irksome denizens. Nothing grew, swam or flew in the swamp that Gomez didn't allow.

But the minute they stepped beneath the tangled trees, long fronds reaching down lazily to try and strangle them, Harry grinned.


Severus stopped midstep and Gomez laughed.

"You like it? I must say the swamp is quite magical, more mysterious at night, under a full moon..."

"Yeah, one of my guests is a werewolf," Harry said softly. "I'm thinking a crescent moon would be a better time. With all the stars out..."

"Sounds good to me," Severus said, stepping along a rickety bridge. "How were you planning on having this ceremony in the swamp?"

"Oh I have some ideas..." Harry said coyly.

As soon as they returned to the manor Wednesday and Pugsley came out of seemingly nowhere to grab Harry by both hands.

"Uncle Fester has been too busy to play with us," Wednesday explained pointedly.

A loud wailing sound of a baby crying suddenly filled the house.

"Well, that must be Pubert now," Gomez said heartily.

"It's time for his afternoon feeding," Morticia said grandly. "Sour skim milk, pruned venomous tentacula vines, all his favorites."

Harry's face contorted into disgust.

"C'mon cousin Harry," said Pugsley, pulling his arm; Wednesday was practically dragging him out of the room all by herself.

"Go ahead Harry," Severus said, smirking at the look of panic on his lover's face. "You did promise."

As soon as Morticia, Harry, and the kids disappeared upstairs, Gomez pointed down the hallway.

"I want to show you something..."

Severus followed Gomez through the many secret passages of the house to the Library, where Gomez stopped a moment to start trailing his fingers along the books.

"This is in the family vault, I presume?" Severus guessed pointedly.

"Yes yes," Gomez said heartily. "Ah here we are..."

Severus had only been in the family vault twice in his life, it was a very closely guarded part of the house and for good reason. Many a person had tried to get the Addam's family riches through some unsavory scheme of some sort, but all of them had failed to get their hands on even a single cent of the vast piles of gold, jewels and ancient artifacts that the Addams family had been coveting beneath the family property for many centuries. Some of the coins in the vault were minted before Hogwarts was even built. Severus had a feeling that if Gomez Addams and Draco Malfoy compared their bank balances, that Draco would seem a pauper in comparison.

"See Severus, when you told me of Harry's little...problem...I remembered something from the vault..."

Gomez had dragged Severus far far back into the vault, where many pieces of strange jewelry were on display. Gomez handed Severus a very old chunky looking ring that was encrusted with many diamonds and emeralds which formed the shape of a little dragon. The little dragon itself was animate; it sat up and greeted them both with a flick of its ruby tongue.

"Gomez, why are you giving this to me?" Severus asked direct and to the point.

"You said you don't have a wedding ring to give Harry. This'll take care of both problems at once."

"Both problems?" Severus choked.

Imagining Harry wearing this little cheerful dragon on his finger brought a sudden warmth to his heart.

"It's been in the family for generations, but nobody has ever worn it," Gomez explained nervously. "It's a curse reversal ring. Whatever curses are on the wearer, this nullifies them. It may just help your Harry."

Severus held the little dragon ring up to the light to inspect.

"Gomez...I can't take this..." Severus swallowed. "It must be worth a fortune..."

"Take it," said Gomez, waving a hand in front of his face nonchalantly. "You are an Addams, so you already own it."

"I...thank you Gomez..." Severus said, holding the little box in his hands in awe.

When they finally returned to the parlor for some wine and male conversation they were joined by Uncle Fester, who had a crown of blinking light bulbs on his head and a magnifying glass over one eye.

"Testing those little wires sure does pack a punch, I'm working up an appetite for lunch!"

About this time Morticia came down, a three year old Pubert following her along like an obedient puppy, his bat wings and mustache making him look like a miniature vampire. He immediately ran over to Severus to climb in his lap, pull his nose and climb down again, which was apparently his own way of greeting people he didn't know very well.

"He's getting big," Severus remarked.

"Yeah, he's already started shaving!" Gomez commented brightly. "Come sit with me son!"

Severus watched Pubert run over to his father and climb onto his knees, the batwings giving him a bit of propulsion for getting himself up. It was sort of beautiful, all the family sitting in the parlor, going about various individual tasks, yet all enjoying the spare time together. Pretty soon Pugsley and Wednesday both came in, Wednesday actually skipped, and Severus suddenly got a weird shivery feeling in his stomach.

"Where's Harry?"

"Oh he's upstairs," Pugsley said smiling. "I'm sure he'll be down eventually..."

"Yup, any day now," Wednesday said, smiling innocently.

"Children, what did you do with cousin Harry?" Morticia asked sternly.

Before Wednesday could open her mouth in protest, a cough caused everyone to turn their heads towards the doorway. Morticia said 'oh my' at the same time as Gomez, Wednesday smirked and Pubert said 'charcoal', the first word he has spoken since coming into the room.

Charcoal indeed. Harry's clothes were shredded, his skin was covered in black ash and soot and tufts of his hair stuck up, burning at the tips. Smoke was pouring off his body, which was jerking slightly, and he had a deadly look on his face.

"We were playing Death Row," Pugsley said brightly. "Harry won!"

Uh-oh...that's not good... Severus thought with dread. "Harry, are you all right...?"

Harry opened his mouth to retort angrily but a big puff of smoke was emitted instead, causing the boy to shut his trap in astonishment.

"My you look, uh...dashing," Gomez commented, smiling nervously.

"I'll just...take him upstairs to clean up," Severus said, standing promptly from his chair.

It was a good two hours before Harry could talk again without emitting great puffs of smoke, but the first words out of his mouth were an angry tirade that caused Severus to put up a silencing charm, less the children become upset.

"She electrocuted me!" Harry yelled at the top of his lungs. "In an electric CHAIR!"

"It's what she's used to!" Severus replied exasperatedly. "She plays this game all the time with her brother! She isn't used to playing normal children's games!"

"She's pure evil I tell you!" Harry said wildly, tears pouring down his face. "And so are the rest of those nutcases you call relatives!"

Now that was drawing the line.

"My relatives are NOT nutcases!" Severus said hotly. "You're the strange one to them!"

Harry muttered an angry oath then went into the bathroom and locked himself in there. Severus muttered every curse word he knew, which was many, and found some clothes for his petulant lover.

"I left some clothes on the bed," Severus snarled towards the bathroom door. "I'm going for a walk!"


As soon as Severus opened the door to the bedroom he encountered a very widely smiling Gomez, who had his knuckles up to the door as if he was going to tap it.

"I've been tapping here for about twenty five minutes, old boy," said Gomez smiling. "Like to keep people waiting do you? Of course I didn't entirely dislike the wait."

"I had a silencing charm on the suite," Severus explained, quite annoyed.

"So how are you liking the accommodations? You know this room has magical properties of its own. Tish holed herself up here during all three of her pregnancies..."

"But...she said this room hadn't been used for years..."

"'Used' no," said Gomez with a wince. "Slept in, however, yes. She slept in here, I slept elsewhere, if you catch my drift...?"

"You're kidding?" Severus said with a moan. "Are you saying that this room causes a lack of sexual interest between two people?"

Gomez coughed. Harry was now swearing so loudly the neighbours down the road could probably hear him.

"In a manner of speaking," Gomez said, grinning sheepishly. "So..."

"Did you WANT something cousin?" Severus asked with a sneer, guessing pretty much that his cousin was simply poking his nose where it wasn't wanted.

"Tish wanted to let you both know that tonight will be the last night she gets to cook supper and she hopes you can both join us this time. Grandmama is coming back from her vacation tomorrow and you know how picky she is about people in her kitchen."

Harry suddenly poked his head out of the bathroom, demanding that both men leave so he could come out and get dressed in some proper clothing. Neither man was stupid enough to disobey those direct orders from a cranky Harry so they beat a hasty retreat, Harry slamming the door shut as soon as they were out of the room.

"You know Severus," said Gomez, pulling out a big cigar and sticking it into his mouth. "You might try taking Harry down to the dungeons for a couple hours if he gets really mean..."

Severus muttered an oath and Gomez waggled his eyebrows.

Harry gets electrocuted by my cousin and I'M the one being punished for it! I KNOW he's probably just frustrated by our lack of intimacy these past two days, but until I can find a bedroom for us in this house that isn't cursed, hexed or jinxed in some way, sex is entirely out of the question. How could this trip possibly get any worse?

Severus and Gomez both had to jump back against the closed bedroom door as a fully naked Pubert came flying down the hallway, being chased by the rest of the Addamses at full throttle.

"Pubert!" Morticia said sternly as she ran passed. "Come back here with Cousin Sev's car keys this instant!"

Why do I even THINK things like that? Severus mentally groaned, and turned to help give chase.


At dinner that night Harry was still not talking to Severus, or really anybody, and glared at Severus from across the table over his plate of hiccuping hummus, which he seemed to be having trouble digesting. Severus sneered back at him in an orderly fashion, then glowered at Gomez, who kept raising his eyebrows with a goofy smirk on his face. Wednesday had a very smug look on her face as she poked her hummus with her fork, seeming to enjoy the little jolts it gave, which sent splotches of hummus across the table. Pugsley sat listlessly in front of his own plate, eating slowly and methodically until Morticia told him to stop behaving himself and play with his food.

I bet Wednesday is planing to break me and Harry up, Severus decided, looking between his two young cousins, who were sending knowing looks towards the glowering Harry. I shall have to talk with them later. But first, Harry...

"After supper I thought I could show you around the rest of the House," Severus said politely to Harry, putting on a neutral tone. "You haven't seen the dungeons yet. You know how I adore dungeons..."

Severus then sent a warning look to Gomez, who looked about ready to bust his buttons at this comment. Harry just shrugged sourly and poked at his hummus, causing it to hiccup loudly. Harry looked like he was going to be sick.

"I bet I can make mine hiccup louder!" Wednesday boasted.

"Nuh-uh," Pugsley countered. "You've already poked yours all over the place, it's got too many airholes now!"

"I can too! Just watch!"

A very messy hummus hiccuping contest ensued, and Harry fled from the table with his hand over his mouth, running in the direction of the closest bathroom.

"Yay! Cousin Harry wins again!"

Severus was quick to follow Harry to the bathroom at this comment, lest some weretoilet or fanged beasty bathtub eat his beloved fiance.


"Severus...why did you drag me down here to this miserable, cold dark dungeon anyway?" Harry asked as they strode along the damp narrow corridor.

This was the sub-sub basement level of the house, AKA; the Dungeons. It was a series of small cells with various instruments of torture, pain and and punishment hanging from every wall. Severus could feel the chill from the cold damp stones even through the leather of his shoes.

"I brought you here to make a point," Severus said softly. "You've been acting, for want of a better word, as if staying here with my family is some sort of torture. But you know what real torture is."

Harry shivered visibly and Severus could understand why; the Addams Family Dungeons could easily have shared geography with the dungeons where Harry was kept manacled and cuffed by Lord Voldemort for two years. Not a pleasant memory to be bringing up, but it was a valid point nonetheless.

"What my family does is just mischief. Playing. But if they feel that their family honor is offended, or that a person means to harm them, they can get become quite serious in their actions. Do you know what the family motto is?"

Harry shook his head, looking very pale in the dim light of the torches.

"'Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc'," Severus said, letting the words flow over his tongue. "'We gladly feast on those who would subdue us.'"

"I see," Harry said, peering in through the barred window of one cell. "I guess I could be in worse a position."

"Exactly," Severus said softly, reaching forward to turn Harry to face him. "I know Wednesday plays rough, and I think she may be trying to break us up. She's tried this before, usually successfully. But she's a child still. She doesn't quite understand the limits of pain that regular people have. She's learning. We Addamses have an extremely complex tolerance for pain and it is a regularly included part of our day to day routine."

"I've noticed," Harry said, still shivering. "I sense that there's an unspoken 'but' to this lecture..."

"But..." Severus smirked. "We also have an extremely sensual side when it comes to pain. Pain and pleasure can be very close. I'm sure that one day when Wednesday is a woman, and she finds herself a husband, that she'll use her perfected knowledge of pain to her own personal her parents before her."

Harry's eyes widened.

"" he was trying to comprehend it.

Poor Harry, thought Severus softly. He's only ever experienced pain as pain, and his sexual side has only been vanilla at best. I've kept things tame with him, of course, he's been hurt so much. Especially by the curse. But perhaps now is the time, perhaps he'll respond to the 'Addams' treatment.

"Well, why don't I show you," Severus purred, giving Harry a hungry, sultry look. "Stay here."

"Severus?" Harry said, sounding a little scared, rather nervous, and just a bit sulky at being left alone in a dark cold corridor.

Severus made his way quickly down the row, pulling out his wand. These ancient lower level parts of the house had many subtle, primal magics still resting between cold slick stones, and he didn't want to awaken any strange spirits or curses by accident with what he planned to do. Once he had found a cell that seemed...suitable...he double checked that the room was a magical dead point and that nothing would interfere with his plans. It seemed almost eerie that all the locks were well oiled, all manacles ready for use.

Perfect... Severus smirked, and lead the still rather sulky Harry into the cell.

"Severus...what exactly are we doing in here?" Harry said, sounding just a little frantic at seeing the instruments of torture and other implements that surrounded them.

Severus closed and locked the door behind him with his wand, planning each action carefully, and turned to look at Harry with a hungry, predatory gaze.


Harry swallowed heavily and Severus strode towards him slowly, putting the wand inside his outer robes before letting them slip from his shoulders. He allowed himself to enjoy the sound of Harry's harsh breathing before bending down to take the man's lips with his own, pulling Harry to him and feasting hungrily on that soft warm mouth. A few moments passed the point where both of them would need to breath, they broke apart in a gush of air, Harry's eyes glazed over and needy, his lips bruised and swollen.


Around this time they would usually retire to a bed and just fuck in the traditional manner. But Severus had a better idea. He took Harry by both hands and led him over to the rack by the wall, which lowered to a more suitable position, and laid Harry on top of it.

"S-Severus...are you going to...tie me up?"

Harry looked so naive that for a moment Severus pitied him. It was only for a moment, then he thought about what Harry was going to experience at his hands and grinned, almost feeling the anticipatory gleam that had come to his own eyes.

"Do you trust me?" Severus asked in a purr, nibbling along Harry's collarbone.

"Well, I dunno," Harry teased, and the sulky tone was now entirely gone from his voice. "But I love you so I'm willing to...let you...try new things..."

"It's called 'experimentation'," Severus said silkily. Boy, Harry really is vanilla! I'll have to whip him into shape, literally. "Lift your hands up so I can shackle you in."


"Oh, right," Severus retrieved his wand and used a spell to remove Harry's clothes and, after a thought, to shackle him onto the rack as well.

Oh but Harry looked heavenly! His mouth was bruised, his body was stretched out and taught. His cock was flaccid, but as soon as the cold chill in the air hit Harry it broke out in goose pimples. Severus cast a slight warming charm on the cell. No need for his lover to chatter his teeth off during sex.

"Now then," Severus said, rolling up his sleeves. "Lets see just how much torment you can stand. I have one more thing I need to do..." and he lifted the adjustable leather cock ring up to Harry's eyes to show it to him, grinning maliciously at the wide eyed look the man gave it.

Harry knew what it was. He had had a couple other boyfriends before Severus. But Severus was sure Harry's ex lovers had never taken the age old equation as far as he was going to take it. Severus bent in to kiss Harry deeply on the mouth before cupping his lover's balls and carefully encircling his balls and cock with the ring, adjusting it until the fit was perfect. Now they were secure, and there wouldn't be any ejaculating for his lover until Severus decided he could.

Harry moaned, and leaned his head back as Severus gently massaged his scrotum, grinning as Harry was already starting to become hard.

"Ah, I like that..."

"You do? Well you'd best enjoy it, you'll be in this position for awhile," Severus bent his mouth to worship Harry's neck with his lips, continuing to fondle and play with his lover's penis. Harry was making the most adorably whimpering sounds Severus had ever heard.

Time to see if Harry has what it takes to be an Addams...Severus thought with a smirk, and proceeded to kiss, nip and lick every inch of his lover's skin...except his cock.

That he was reserving for a little later, but it must have been horrible for Harry, who now tried desperately to shove his cock up against Severus wantonly.

"S-severus...please...take it off...I can't..."

"Not yet I think," Severus said firmly, and pulled away from his lover to examine him carefully.

Oh this was definitely a sight worthy of the imfamouse Addams Family penchant for torture. Bruised lips, skin pink from all the nibbling and love bites, cock twitching rather ominously, Harry could have probably seduced even the severely heterosexual Gomez in this state. Severus carefully bent over his lover to examine the cock ring. No, it wasn't cutting off his circulation. Harry was just being the wonton little impatient sex-addict that he was.

Time to turn up the heat a bit.

Severus marched over to the racks of implements and carefully inspected them, knowing that Harry was probably going crazy trying to figure out what he had planned next.

Nothing too over the top or Harry will balk, though this has promise...

Severus lifted from the rack a simple little black leather tawse. It was like a regular strap, but there was a split down the middle to separate it into two very little evil smaller straps. It had merit. He didn't plan to do any damage to his lover so early in their experimentation...he would just nip him a little. But it was amusing nonetheless to see Harry's frightened look at seeing the strap.

"Well Mister Tawse," Severus said sweetly, coming back over to the rack. "Shall we see whether Mister Potter is able to handle the Addams Family partiality towards pain?"

Harry made a disparaging sound. He hated it when Severus gave their sex toys names. Severus smirked lovingly at him before bringing the tawse sharply down across his chest.

Harry gave a little shocked gasp, looked at Severus in horror, and squirmed most deliciously. But he didn't ask for it to stop, so Severus brought the tawse down again, this time on his lover's belly. Harry shook deliciously, gritting his teeth, eyes watering. Severus went over to lay his hand upon the punished flesh, and the pink welts he had raised on Harry's pale pretty skin.

Oh he's either going to chew me up and spit me out the minute he's free or repeat my own performance on my OWN skin. Well, next time I shall have to be more thorough, but for now, things shall have to progress a little more quickly.

Severus brought the tawse down again, across Harry's legs, and then gave his lover a satisfying leer, before bringing it down again; across his cock.


Oh this was a satisfying sound to hear. Coupled with the jerking, gasping, and the tears at the corner of his eyes, Harry was quite the delicious sight to behold. Severus dropped the tawse, no longer caring about tormenting his lover. His trousers were quite uncomfortably tight. He pulled his clothes off quickly and climbed into the straddling position over his lover's body, bending down to lick and suckle Harry's neck, rubbing their erect cocks together hungrily.

"S-ev...need to c-c-ome...s-so bad..." Harry said choking.

Right, the ring...

Severus freed his lover from the confines of the cock ring and was surprised that Harry didn't come right away. Instead he moaned and bucked against Severus, rubbing their cocks piteously together. Severus clutched Harry tightly when the man finally came, shouting some colorful expletives and splashing a trail of white hot semen along both their abdomens up to their necks. Severus shivered and came next, with an almost anticlimactic pleasurable jerk. He didn't come quite as explosively as Harry, but Harry was young and had been in that cock ring all evening.

Harry shuddered and collapsed, eyes dilating momentarily as he hummed softly and almost a little hysterically. Severus gently rubbed his lover's shoulders and face, worried he may have done damage to Harry's psyche.

"Harry, are you all right?" he said, softly, almost fearfully. "Did you enjoy it?"

And then Harry did something totally unexpected.

"Sė sė, mio amore, era incredibile!"

Severus heard these words like a punch to the gut and his heart pounded fiercely in his chest. Harry had spoken in Italian.

Harry didn't KNOW Italian. He'd never spoken a word of it in his entire life. The astonishing reality of what had just happened between them warmed Severus over completely and he collapsed onto Harry's chest in happy relief and absolute dread at this startling revelation.

Well that settles it, he decided hollowly. Doesn't it?

"So Severus," Harry purred, shivering faintly. "Do I get to tie you up now?"

Oh this was going to be an interesting night indeed.

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