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Envy by collage
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Author's Notes:
He didn't mean to kill him. He really didn't. He was just so angry. He had killed Draco Malfoy. He hadn't meant to. It just happened. It started when he saw them, tangled together in the hallway. Snapes dark hair a sharp contrast to Draco's own pale blonde. Their mouths were hungrily pressed together, seemingly devouring each other. Snape bends down and begins to suckle Dracos's neck, leaving a dark red mark. It reminds him of the blood. He remembers the blood on his hands after he ripped Draco's throat out. It had been so red. It had gone everywhere. It covered Draco's no longer pristine white sheets. It drenched Harry. Snape found him. He found Harry cradling the body of Snape's now dead lover, sobbing. Harry didn't react to Snape entering the room. He didn't seem to notice. He didn't notice when Snape pulled Draco's body out of his arms. He just continued to rock back and forth, screaming and crying, covered in blood. Draco's funeral had been large and elaborate. There was very little hope left in the Wizarding world, now that their supposed savior had been declared officialy insane by the staff of St. Mungos. He now spends his days in a small, white room. His arms have to be restrained as digs his nails into his skin otherwise. He rocks back and forth, crooning to an invisible person, apologizing over and over again. He never stops. It is never enough, because he will never be forgiven.

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