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Hate Evolved by Raksha
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Author's Notes:

This is a poem from Snape's point of view about what Harry does to him. Not only that, but about how his darkness become's Harry's light. I truly enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoy. Please review and tell me what you think. This is the first thing I have ever posted, but if it is liked I will definitely post more.

Deep pools of obsidian mist

Hide truth behind these eyes.

A wall constructed in protection,

Against the onslaught that is life.


Tender hands encase me now,

Holding my heart in thrall,

Carefully gripping me;

A willing captive behind enticing bars.


Clear cut, emrald eyes devour,

Stealing my no longer hollow soul,

Ravaging me until I am no more;

All that I am  is yours.


Our hate of each other grew,

But was only a facade.

With one more secret look,

Our lives changed, our hearts evolved.


A stolen kiss broke my composure,

Sending me to my knees.

My snide remarks became endearments,

My spiteful looks deceased.


This lonely man was undone,

Superiority lost into submission

By one reckless boy,

Whom arrested my heart in love.


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