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Angels, Lovers and Warriors by Calanor
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Title::Angels, Lovers, and Warriors 1/?
Author:: SeulWolfe/Vasaio/Calanor
Rating:: Mature (M)
Pairing: Snape/Harry,
Contains:: angst, drama, romance, wings...
Warnings:: spoilers for OOTP... what Half Blood Prince???
Disclaimer::Jk owns Harry and company.
A/N:: The plot bunnie is blamed on coeur_de_ma_vie . Just don't ask me where it's going... this is betaed Jadzia
Summary:: Harry has come into his inheritance....


I::The Birth

For every generation is born an Angel...a Fallen Angel. A warrior, a lover and a hope for those who battle against the shadows that threaten to cover this world in darkness.

The legends tell of a beautiful man with wings black as night or white as falling snow. Wings that shimmer in the darkness of the Angel's anger. Or bright as a summer sun when joyful.

But beware when this angel comes of age and joins the brotherhood. He will be fierce as an avenging angel.


Privet Drive was quiet on the eve of Harry's eighteenth birthday, his family ready to be rid of their freakish nephew. A mere waste of space taking up precious space in their normal home. In their normal neighborhood. In a few days they would be rid of his presense forever.

And good riddenance, they say.

What they should have been was blessed by his very presense on this night of all nights. For as the clock ticked closer to midnight there were those who held their breath. For they knew that one of their own would come into his own this night.

Rise from the ashes of his former life, stronger and more fierce a warrior there ever was.

At the stroke of midnight the heavens opened up as rain began falling. Lightening and thunder crashed all around, shaking the ground.

A blue hue of light formed around the sleeping form of Harry Potter. The signs of years of neglect and abuse at the hand of his only living relatives washed away.

As the storm raged outside, Harry Potter came into his inheritance.

And across the lands of Britian, the others knew that this warrior would be the one to hold back the shadows. To hold back the darkness.

The others would flock to his side when he called. He was the one they had waited for. The one to lead them in their battle against the one who would only try to lead them into the darkness.

All they could do now is wait for his call.

Wait for the one once known as Harry Potter.

But in the heavens, his name is written as Vasaio.


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