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A Just Soul by Medea Nevermore
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Author's Notes:

Inspiration: Reading Plato's Republic. What do justice and the soul have in common?

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, never will.

"What I say wouldn't persuade many perhaps. For know well, Socrates" he said, "that when a man comes near to the realization that he will be making an end, fear and care enter him for things to which he gave no thought before." - Plato. The Republic (330d-e)

Looking out almost any of the windows of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would show an observer an idyllic winter scene. Snow drifted lazily down from a white, overcast sky, covering the grounds of the castle. White puffs of warm air jetted out from the lips of anyone brave enough to step outside the warm halls, into the winter weather. White draped the trees on the grounds, and ice coated the edges of the lake.

Should one look out the windows closest to the main entrance to the school however, a different view could be seen.

Shouts rang across the courtyard, and weapons flew through the air. A battle raged on the very steps of Hogwarts, a clash of titanic proportions. On one side, valiant young Harry Potter led his troops in an attempt to defend the sacred halls of the castle from invaders. On the other, a truly dastardly duo led their troops in an effort to conquer. Evil grins lit their faces as they looked at their opponents, and they rubbed their hands together gleefully.

"Now!" the nearest one yelled, and ducked.

His compatriot waved his wand, and proclaimed loudly, "wingardium leviosa".

Their loyal army threw themselves to the ground, as a large pile of projectile weaponry flew over their heads, targeting the loyal defenders.

Harry and his troops had but a moment to stare at the onslaught approaching them. Then, it was too late. The impact occurred. Ron Weasley was the first to fall, knocked from his feet by multiple impacts. Hermione Granger fell next, clutching her chest and gasping at the impact. Harry watched his loyal soldiers fall around him, closed his eyes, and braced himself.

Multiple blows took him to his knees, and blinded him.

"Surrender!" shouted the leaders of the invading army.

"Oh shut up, George!" replied Ron, scraping snow from his body.

"Really Fred, using a charm could definitely be considered cheating!" Hermione declared, brushing the small mounds of snow off her chest, and out of her hair.

"Mmmhppphhh...." said Harry, or tried to, as his face had been thoroughly plastered with snow. Not even his glasses could be seen through the snow.

Hermione and Ron quickly helped him clean himself off, and to his feet. He glared evilly at the twins, as his team rose up off the steps of Hogwarts, a desire for revenge gleaming brightly in their eyes.

They froze at the sight of the opposing team practically helpless with laughter.

Harry raised his wand, looked to his loyal compatriots, smiled evilly, and then the brawl began.

Curses, hexes and charms flew through the air between the two teams. Counter spells flew between teammates as they worked to minimize the damage. Skin, hair and clothing changed colors. Legs jellied, and solidified. Bodies levitated and settled again on the earth. An occasional "petrificus totalus" dropped a student to the ground, only to be released again. The spells became more creative as the battle raged across the front steps of Hogwarts.

Suddenly, the doors to the castle flew open, and from the darkness of the hallway strode the Potions Master, Severus Snape. His black eyes snapped with irritation as he swept forward, waving away the occasional misdirected hex or curse.

"Enough!" he yelled, his voice soaring loudly over the ongoing brawl, quickly bringing it to a halt.

Unfortunately, he caught two participants mid-curse, scaring them into mispronunciation. This alone, would likely have resulted in a humorous result, if the two curses hadn't crossed mid-flight, and merged. The altered course of the new spell took it straight towards Professor Snape. It struck him in the back, knocking him to the ground. As if that wasn't bad enough, it bounced, and smacked right into the center of Harry Potter's face. Harry joined Professor Snape on the ground, unconscious.

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