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A Lesson Learnt The Hard Way by MattMel
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Author's Notes:

My first ever HP story.This is my story for the Snarry ficathon. I wrote it for Isidore.

. : : A Lesson Learnt The Hard Way : : .

"Potter on your knees NOW!" Severus hollered, tugging hard on the leash that was around Potter's neck choking him.

Harry obeyed, kneeling in front of his professor, casting his eyes downward in a gesture of submission.

"You disobeyed me, my little slave, and now I have to punish you." Severus hissed and tugged on the leash again, the black leather collar around Harry's neck digging into his tender flesh.

The collared dark-haired boy shivered, trying to stay still and not anger his master further.

"What did you do wrong Potter? You may speak now."

Harry thought back to his outburst as he begged Severus to stop, the humiliation of crawling around in that club at Snape's feet in nothing but black leather hotpants and his collar to much for him to handle. Now back at Hogwarts in Severus’s bedroom he was completely at his professors mercy.

"I'm waiting, slave!" Severus's voice was cold as ice.

"I disobeyed you in public and I spoke without permission master." Harry spoke softly, his eyes still fixed on Severus's boots.

"Not only that Potter, you humiliated me in front of other masters! I was always so proud of your good behaviour in public, and now THAT! You have to be punished slave. Do you understand that?" Severus spat at his seventh year student, who was still kneeling silently.

Harry knew better than to speak, seeing as he had no permission to do so and he did not want his master any angrier at him.

"Just nod that stupid head of yours!" Severus yelled.

Harry nodded as the tears he kept at bay for so long finally began falling as he heard his master's cruel words.

"Do not cry my little slave, you have no reason to cry," Severus stroked Harry’s hair almost tenderly, "at least not yet, but I shall give you a reason, my slave." He screamed as he suddenly yanked Potter's head back by his unrulyhair, staring into his face.

"Open your eyes slave." Harry obeyed, his liquid green eyes fixed on his master's black ones.

"Since you like crawling so much, my little slave, crawl over to the bed." Severus hissed and tugged on the leash.

Harry began to crawl then, tears still running down his face.

"On the bed, on your knees now!" Severus said as Harry stopped at the foot of the bed.

The young man awkwardly crawled on the bed and rose to his knees his eyes again castdown, waiting for his master, waiting for his punishment.

Severus looped Harry’s leash through a hook in the wall to keep him from moving, then he waved his wand and green and silver rope bind itself tightly around his slaves wrists. With another wave Severus had the rope looped through a hook that hung from the ceiling, stretching Harry’s arms high above his head.

"Such a lovely sight my little slave." Again Severus petted Harry’s hair. His slave whimpering in fear, Severus's resolve to punish him nearly breaking, but he hardened himself.

“I will only use my hand on you, seeing that you are new to this, but be assured that your offence will be punished with the whip the next time.” Severus said and went to stand behind Harry, right next to the bed.

"Get ready Potter!" Severus hissed and he ripped Harry’s hot pants off.

Then hebegan to spank his slave's ass and thighs, never once aiming for his back because he knew that Potter had to take his shirt off the next day for a Quidditch match. He didn’t want the other students to wonder why The Boy Who Killed Voldemort had hand prints on his back. Apart from that it was even more satisfying to watch as the red hand prints appeared on the smooth, pale flesh of Harry’s ass and thighs.

Harry cried, but did not speak, he just took his punishment, waiting for it to be over.

He was greatly embarrassed to find his cock hardening more and more as his professor, his master, spanked him.

It was such a new and heady feeling for Harry. This strict Potions professor seemed so out of control as he let this hand fall against his ass, but still Harry felt safe with him. Felt loved and protected and at the moment so very turned on.

Suddenly Severus stopped, reaching around Harry’s waist and stroking his hard cock.

"Hmmmmm, my little slave enjoyed himself. So hard just for his master." Severus said softly. "You were a good little slave Potter, you took your punishment without complaining. You want me to fuck you now? You may speak."

Harry moaned loudly as Severus stroked him.

"Yes please, please fuck me sir." Harry begged, not shy about it at all.

That was all that Severus needed to hear, he let his hand that had resumed spanking fall at his side, then stepped out of his, by now uncomfortable tight, leather pants, his cock already dripping. He let Potter's arms fall back on the bed so that his slave was on all fours, then he used his wand again to bind Harry’s feet to the bedpost, leaving the young man more or less spread wide on the bed.

Knowing that Harry liked it rough once in a while and having the feeling that now was such a time, Severus just sucked on his fingers then jammed two into his slave’s sweet red little ass. Harry groaned as he felt himself being stretched by his professor’s fingers.

"Let it out Potter you are allowed to speak, beg me to fuck you. Beg me." Severus said with one hand still stroking his slaves cock.

Begging was what Harry did, he begged Severus to take him, to make him his again, nearly sobbing with the force of his feelings. It didn't take Severus long to lose patience and just impale himself into his slave.

He fucked Harry fast, deep and hard, but still his slave begged him to go faster, deeper, harder.

He was the master, nevertheless Severus obeyed his slave, not being able to resist him and not caring much about it anyway.

"Master, please I can't hold back, master I´m so close please let me come, please master." Harry begged, knowing he was not allowed to come unless his master gave him permission.

"Let go Potter, let go my little slave." Severus moaned, stroking his slaves cock a little faster his own orgasm fast approaching.

Harry came with a blinding force, his hot cum slicking his master's hand as he passed out, the feelings, like so often lately, to much for his mind to handle.

As his slaves muscles squeezed him Severus came too, screaming his students name, nearly fainting himself.

As soon as he had his breath back Severus hurried to open Harry’s collar to prevent his precious little slave from suffocating.

After he had removed the rope and a quick cleansing spell, Severus curled around his young lover, without the collar Harry was just Severus's much cherished lover.

A little later Harry stirred.

"Hey darling, good to have you back, are you OK?" Severus asked.

"Yeah I'm fine Sev." Harry said, grinning. They curled even tighter around each other and Severus tenderly stroked his young lovers dark curls.

"So Harry let's talk about it." Severus said softly, looking into Harry’s liquid green eyes.

It was common for them to discuss a scene after it was finished.

"Did you really wanted me to stop or did you just wanted to get punished?" Severus asked his student jokingly, gasping as he heard Harry's reply.

"No I wanted you to stop Severus. It was to much for me." Harry whispered, turning away.

Severus was shocked, they were in that club before and Harry never had a problem with it. Then it hit him Harry had never crawled around his feet the other times.

"God, Harry why didn't you use your safe word?" Severus turned the young man back to him.

"I did not want to embarrass you."

"Harry you could never embarrass me. The safe word is for your protection."

"I know." Harry’s voice sounded small.

"Harry, you have been my slave for less than 4 weeks. I know you have limits, but we will never find them or try to push them if you are afraid of me. God love do you have any idea how I feel right now? I punished you for something that was truly too much for you. I feel like I didn't take care of you. God Harry I love you and now I feel like I've hurt you." Severus was nearly shaking after his little speech. It had taken him a while to admit it, but he loved Harry and would never intentionally hurt him and now he felt like he had done just that.

"No Severus you didn't hurt me and I know that you love me. I was just so ... I don't know... maybe ... maybe I was afraid." Harry said softly, unsure.

"Harry never be afraid to save out. I did that a lot during my first weeks as a submissive. Nobody can go over his limits, some things are just too much, it is OK to save out Harry. It prevents you from being hurt." Severus patted Harry’s hair, "OK darling from now on you promise to save out if something is too much for you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Severus, I promise." Harry said then snuggled against his older lover.

"Good love sleep now." Severus kissed the top of Harry’s head. "I love you Harry!"

"I love you too." Both closed their eyes ready to sleep as Severus suddenly spoke.

"MaybeI should punish you for lying to me?" He squeezed Harry tight against him
in a loving embrace.

"Maybe!" Potter chuckled softly before drifting of to sleep.

Tomorrow morning he would have to sneak back into the Gryffindor Tower, but for now he was safe and comfortable in his professor’s, his lover’s arms.

: : THE END : : .

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