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An Unexpected exclusive by dcsunset44
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by DcSunset

Title: An Unexpected Exclusive
Rating: PG
Pairing: HP/SS
Disclaimer: the story is mine, the characters belong to JK Rowling, i am only borrowing them. Please remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Feedback: yes, please, what ever i can get
Beta: my hubby, who is still puzzled by the whole 'slash' thing, bless him.
Note: Part of the HP/SS Fuh-Q-Fest Wave V at
Challenge: 130. Rita Skeeter gets an exclusive story on Harry's private life - how is the Potion's master involved?
Comments: 1000 words, i hope, please let me know if its not. my first finished HP/SS, and its begging for a sequel, or a prequel, i'm not sure yet, what do you think?

Rita skeeter writes:-A NEW PIN-UP FOR A NEW ERA

At the end of a cataclysmic battle a man with a chequered past stands vigil on a scared battlefield.

This is a man who could so easily have been on the other side. The temptations have been many and this writer isn't afraid to say she fell for the misreporting that had him betraying his friends and colleagues in this long war.

In truth this man is not privileged and far from feeling himself superior to his peers, he has `low self-esteem': his few friends frequently worry that he does not expect enough for himself.

The Order Of Merlin, 1st class does not seem to have boosted his self- confidence or overcome any of the residual feelings from a childhood of abuse and neglect.

Being accustomed to putdown and insults and enforced hard work in childhood, he has continued to expect these things in his adult life. Now that the task that has occupied him for the past several years is finally accomplished, can he find a way to occupy himself?

Can he turn his dedication, courage and integrity to a new task. Will any peace-time task be sufficient to occupy his intellect.

Can he be expected to forgive those who did not believe in his loyalty or will he descend into the bitterness that has threatened to overcome him in the past.

I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on our latest hero.

There is one who will be keeping a far closer eye on the reluctant star than I.

It seems that the comradeship of battle has bred an unlikely alliance.

I can exclusively reveal that, despite years of what acquaintances call 'bitter animosity', Harry Potter and Severus Snape are Dating.

Reports from Hogwarts, where both men work, are sketchy. But one student, who will remain anonymous, described their relationship as `discreet but obviously serious'

When asked to comment on the relationship between his two most prominent staff members, Albus Dumbledore, said only 'They are what they are.'

Criptic comment or blessing? I am sure readers will be pleased to know that I plan to keep them up to date with future developments.


Severus Snape dropped the single page of witch weekly he had confiscated from a First year Hufflepuff, and summoned his most forbidding scowl for the benefit of his potions class.

"Does anyone else think it appropriate to be reading this inanity instead of completing their assigned task?"

The entire class cringed and a chorus of 'no, sir' echoed around the dungeon.

"Very well," Snape turned his attention to the quivering girl still standing by his desk " Miss Avantar, detention with Mr Filch Tomorrow at Seven."

A frightened 'yes professor' whispered from the girl before she scuttled back to her seat.

Snape turned to the class again and glowered menacingly at the front row. His voice easily filled the room as he swept behind his desk and allowed his palms to thump heavily onto the table before he sat down.

"Anyone else found reading ....this..." He gestured disgustedly at the offending article "...will lose more points than their house can hope to regain in the remainder of the school year, is that understood?"

The chorus of 'yes sir's' was mildly satisfactory and he dismissed the relieved students, and set off in search of both Harry and Albus Dumbledore. In light of the paper in his hand he was quite sure that they would be trying to predict his reaction to the 'outing' of his relationship with Potter.

He paused to reread the bothersome rubbish again, and was forced to ponder exactly why he was so perturbed by its content. It was not only that His relationship had been revealed, but to a greater extent, that his pride had been further dented by the continuing Potter worship that had swept the wizarding community over the months since Voldermorts final demise.

It was almost a year since the last fatal battle, but press coverage was only now reaching its peak. The Order of Merlin presentation ceremony had been held over the half term holidays, only a week ago, and had finally revealed to the public the extent of Hogwarts involvement in the dark lords demise. This had reenergized the media coverage of Potters life, and now consequently his own, and had raised it to new and infuriating levels of intrusion.

The list of those who received an Order of Merlin, First Class had been published in every wizarding publication from the Queerditch Quarterly to the Daily Prophet, and next to every article Harry Potter, and his band of merry Griffindors grinned inanely out of the accompanying photographs and waved happily, bearing no resemblance to the weary and shell shocked people he saw on a daily basis. The articles he had read had always painted a picture of sublime gaiety among the survivors of the war. No mention was made of the extensive counselling they were all receiving at St Mungo's. Or the lasting damage that caused Harry's persistent limp, and Snapes own aching bones.

Gaining entrance to the head masters office was more difficult than he had expected, the password being some unpronounceable muggle confection, but the sight that greeted him was hardly a surprise. Harry and Dumbledore were seated at the tea table in the corner of the room hunched over a magazine and discussing Snapes probable reaction to the invasion of his privacy.

He waited for an appropriate moment before announcing himself with a brief cough.

He opened his mouth to utter a disparaging comment about their choice of reading material, but was left stunned and staring with his mouth open when they turned to him.

Held between them was a complete copy of Witch weekly, and the face staring sullenly back at him from the cover was not Harry Potters but His own.

For the first time in his long and eventful life, Severus Snape keeled over in a very ungraceful faint.


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