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This is a Harry Potter/Severus Snape slash fanfiction site. The characters used here belong to J.K. Rowling and others she has given a right to claim. We at makes no claims of ownership but we do however reserve the right to edit/delete your work (including comments, fic, artwork, bios, or anything else on this site without notice (we probably won't, but we reserve the right).

Please keep flaming off of this site, there are plenty of other places for it, here is not one of them. If we find that you are flaming here (in comments, or on your bio, wherever) you will be banned.
Note:There is a difference between flaming and constructive criticism, if you are unsure of the difference please either ask or keep it off of the site.

Please keep advertising off of this site. If there is something that you think the fandom would be interested in, please contact the mod with the information.

All submissions must be beta read. No spelling and grammar mistakes accepted. To ensure this, all submissions must be approved by a mod first. If there are only a few errors, a mod will fix it, post the story, and then send you an e-mail explaining the changes. If there are too many mistakes (we’re not beta readers after all) the story will be rejected with an explanatory e-mail sent along.

There is to be no reproduction of any of the materials posted on this site without the authors expressed permission. An author has the right to choose where to post his or her work. Please do not take it upon yourself to host their stories or artwork, it is simple enough to ask, violators of this rule will be banned.

Please keep this a friendly environment for sharing our love and art, common sense was given to us for a reason. If you ever have any questions as to what is appropriate and what is not, please have a look in our help section or contact a mod.

Happy Snarry reading!

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This is a Harry Potter and Severus Snape Slash archive, and is not intended for those who are either not of age, or uncomfortable with homosexual situations. There may also be some situations where a minor has sex with an adult, you have been warned.
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